Edo-North ask Senator Francis Alimikhena to Contest for Governorship not Senate.

Like they say; charity begins at home. We have read many piece twarting this divine ambition of comrade Adams Oshiomole. When instead with carefulness and a well focused third eye Edolites especially the Afenmai are suppose to have their hands clust together to work for our able son, who stand as a moon and a sun to the entire Afenmai communities.

What has age got to do with a developer? Tinubu is far more advanced in aged when compared to comrade Adams oshiomole. Tinubu might have luckily ascended the political caders and he is astronomically graded and rated accordingly. It doesn’t make him a politician who believes growing politically is rated by stages.

No stage is lower or greater when it’s comes to ambitions but those who are capable know how and where to fix what is wrong and they go to exactly to the right spot. Politics is like marketing by making out positive targets that would positively effect the lives and existence of your subjects and ideas are developed to archieve a marketing target in a particular target market. We are his target market and we must allow him archiev more for because of his track record. This market was enriched with gold and diamonds, just look around you, you feel and see his lights has shown in all the corners of Edo state.

We must stop writing to create disunity by disorganizing the growing faiths of Afenmai people against Oshiomole’s ambition. We are not talikg about senatoral seat here, we are out for senatoral president and the chosen and accepted one is OSHIO-BABA.

Sponsoring people to write some unthinkable messages about Oshiomole will not stop him from running or becoming our next Senate president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Permits me to ask a question: what is the difference between Comr Adams Aliu Oshiomole’s age and the Age of senator Francis Alimikhena? In other words, Senate is for retirement and the younger ones should go for presidency and other executive political offices .

Senate is a home of wisdom and not for younger Age and Oshobaba has the required wisdom and capacity to lead the Senate and not the other way round. You have been in a senator for either (8)years, your voice ( the purpose voice of Afemai ) was never heard in the upper chamber. All we see is sowing machine and motor bike “Okada”. Edo-north need a better representation and not sleeping senators .

On this note we are asking Senator Francis Alimikhena to contest for Edo State Governor or presidency and allow the older men to go to upper chamber where wisdom is in action.

OSM Media Team.

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