Hon Godwin Eshieshi: A Proponent Of The “Health Is Wealth” Credo.

One day is not enough to say all that Hon Godwin Eshieshi did while he was at the helm of affairs as chairman Etsako East Local Govt Area, Edo state. This clearly explains why his performance history comes in episodes. In this episode, we shall have an overview of the health sector under his administration as council chairman.

The high mortality rate from malaria that affected children, adults and the elderly in the entire local government prompted him to work with some health professionals to proffer a long term solution to this menace. He then came up with FREE MALARIA TREATMENT PROGRAM. This laudable program provided free malaria treatment for all citizens in the entire local government area. This Program was also keyed into the Federal Government Roll Back Malaria Program.
From surveys conducted at the time, it was discovered that many could not even afford a paltry sum of #100 to buy drugs for themselves. This explains why he ensured that this program was sustained throughout his 3years in office.
Drugs were purchased and supplied to various Heath Centres regularly with strict monitoring by heads of various primary healthcare centres. He renovated dilapidated healthcare centres and built new ones with state of the art facilities in all major villages such as Okugbe, Afokpella, Imiegieli in Okpella. Ivioghe, Ekwotsor, Igiode in Agenebode. Imiegba, Okpekpe and Iviukwe in Ibie. In Iviukwe healthcare centre, the first child that was born there was named after Hon Eshieshi and till today that child who is now grown up, bears the name “Eshieshi”. This program became so laudable that the NIGERIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION honored him with a prestigious award. He was honoured with yet another national award by the NIGERIA INSTITUTE OF CONFLICT RESOLUTION, ABUJA. Immunization, training and retraining of health personnel was not left out of his novel programs. Quick response teams were also constituted for health epidemics such as cholera and diarrhea. As though that was not enough, he took a bold step further to train traditional birth attendants and local orthopedists, and provided them with tool kits to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.
The local government functional and effective healthcare system as introduced by this vibrant personage captured the attention of staff and students of the MILITARY STAFF COLLEGE,JAJI, Kaduna. They delegated a strong team of staff and students to understudy the program which was eventually adjudged to be the best in the entire country. He introduced and implemented the BAMAKO HEALTH INITIATIVE PROGRAM where essential drugs were brought to communities and Villages. Health Development Committees were set up to monitor the distribution and dispensation of drugs.

From all indications, He prioritized health matters among other things because he held the axiom that Health is Wealth.

Our people should encourage the dream and aspiration of this man of the people to represent the good people of Etsako Federal constituency under the All Progressives Congress (APC) by electing him to the House of Representatives come 2023.
We have no doubts in our minds that he will deliver the goods to the people of Etsako as his competence can not be matched by any other known contestants.

*ESM Media Team*

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