Edo-North 2023: The Fear Of Oshiobaba

The fear of Adams Oshiomole AKA OSHIOBABA is the beginning of wisdom, how can a senator refered to a two term ex governor be broke,it is only a community of the blinds a one eye man becomes the king, even if elephant dead and decayed a full and matured BULL will come out of it, Edo North people are educated and wise,no matter how interesting is the story against Oshiomole be broke will not stand, Oshiomole doesn’t need to spend money before he can be come a senator by God grace, the man’s integrity has already spoken for him,the so call senator who boasted of having#5billion for this election has no integrity that Oshiomole has? Yes you may have the money but there are problems money cannot solved, with out the support of Oshiomole senator Alimikhena can not wins primary election mark my words, how many leaders are genuinely with Senator Francis? Majority of the leaders that are with the current senator are leaders who lost their units and ward executives,those leaders have no say in their various wards, I’m not saying senator Alimikhena is not a senator he is but as the say goes honey does not delicious in the mouth of only one person,he should allow another person to test the honey eight years is more than enough for senator Alimikhena, he should supports whoever wants to run for the senate seat so that the flag of APC continue fly in edo north.


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