Edo-North 2023: Sen. Francis Alimikhena Tells APC Leadership that Comrade Oshiomole does not have money to contest an election.

Sen. Francis Alimikhena Telling APC Leadership that Comrade Oshiomole does not have money to contest an election 8s not acceptable.

It is obvious that Sen. Francis Alimikhena and his cohort are on the loose to destroy the legacy and the hard earn reputation of Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomole by casting aspersions on his person. It is no longer news that the voyage ship of the 3rd term bid of Sen Francis Alimikhena is sinking and hence the calling of Comr. Adams Oshiomole to rescue has become stronger day-by-day by the State/Edo North All Progressives Congress APC members.

The desperation of the seating Senator to return to the senate for the 3rd time has become worrisome when the Senator (Sen Francis Alimikhena) told leaders of the All Progressives Congress APC on different occasions that “Comr Adams Aliu Oshiomole does not have the financial capacity (money) to run for Etsako West Local Government Council election not to talk of Edo North Senatorial Election”, in the audio voice note recorded by one of the leaders, the Senator and his team of the dead 3rd term agenda explained that Oshiomole do not have any operational business anywhere in the world and he Comrade Adams Oshiomole is not politically engaged in any financially viable office as we speak.

Senator Alimikhena, further stated that he (Oshiomole) waisted his money during the 2019 Governorship Election in the which he failed and since then has become politically irrelevant in the Edo State Politics. This audio is already in the public domain.

In view of the above assertion by Senator Francis Alimikhena the questions below are begging for an answer:

1) Was Oshiomole rich when he won the 2007 Edo State Governorship Election that brought him to power in 2008?

2) Was Oshiomole this connected when he won the 2007 Governorship Election

3) Was Oshiomole this popular when he won the Governorship seat to become the first Edo-north man to become a Governor in Edo State?

With the above questions we want to agreed with Sen Francis Alimikhena and his cohorts that Oshiomole do not have money because he is a big spender and don’t need money to win Edo-north Senatorial Seat come 2023 General election. A man who is loved by his people and has been called by a popular demand by the Edo North people does not need money to win an election. We the people will sponsor him.

It is only those who are not popular and politicians who want to force themselves on the people that spend money to win elections.

Telling the leaders that you have prepared N5billion to disgrace Comrade Adams Oshiomole is a shame to your personality because you just forgot yesterday when you were fully funded by same man you want to rubbish with money. How ungrateful and unreasonable can people be, the same man that travelled to UK to sell his house and came back empty handed in 2015 now have N5billion (through looted common wealth of Edo North people from unexecuted constituency projects) to rubbish the finger that fed him.

Oshiomole Solidarity Movement (OSM) will mobilized leaders and followers against you, Senator Francis Alimikhena and your Third Term bid just to prove a point that money is not all you need but loyalty. Good conscience is sacrosanct and we will ensure that you and your sycophants are rejected in Edo-north .

Edo North people are wiser, smarter and sophisticated than you think. It is an insult to Edo North to people for you to conclude that you can buy their conscience with money

In your words, “Comr Adams Oshiomole is down” we want to remind you that he that fear no fall, we will ensure you waste that your N5billion and even borrow more and yet fail the election because we have been reliably informed of your options and negotiations with other political parties.

On this note , we advice you ‘ Sen Francis Alimikhena’ to immediately re-trace your steps and quell or join the calling of Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomole to accept this offer and rescue APC from loosing Edo State completely.


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