2023: Tinubu Set To Shut Down Ekiti And Ondo States, Olofofo Wait For It

Yes, it is another round of electoral calculations and campaigns, thankfully the signed amended electoral act makes it easier as party primaries are meant to hold earlier than they were scheduled.

Leading presidential aspirant who is the cynosure of all eyes, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would be storming the States of Ekiti and Ondo in furtherance of his nationwide consultations.

Since the Jagaban started his consultations the opposition has been acting as the campaign directors of Asiwaju, before and after every event they keep the general public abreast of Asiwaju’s every step. They would analyze all his moves and end up telling us Asiwaju is not fit to be our president.

Meanwhile, the Jagaban is everywhere working assiduously towards achieving his ambitions consistently reaching out to the general public.

Every single day he is seen traversing the length and breadth of the country and their idols who are supposed to be working 7 times harder than the Jagaban is nowhere to be spotted reaching out to the people.

We can not even see them advancing so we can as well analyze them, they probably have WHITLOW on their feet depriving them of moving around the country in search of support. Do they want to be president without the support of the general public? NO B JUJU B DAT?

So in other to help facilitate their jobs of critically analyzing and interpreting the Jagaban we have to keep them fully up-to-date on his ITINERARY.

Tinubu is the REAL MVP, the political Hotstepper that commands respect even from associates and foes. Tinubu is broader than BROADWAY his every move outshines their choice candidate so they have no content to campaign on theirs.

Tinubu is coming to Ekiti and Ondo just wait for it and amuse yourself. People think becoming the president is child play, they think is by sitting behind their keyboards and touchscreen doctoring nonsense.

The man Tinubu that you are twisting his tales is seen daily by thousands of people LIFE and you are here conjuring all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Tinubu is a master strategist who is employing one of the most potent ways in clinching the presidency by reaching out to the populace well ahead of time.

Have you ever heard of the word to MASSAGE ONE’s EGO? To massage one’s ego is”to say things that make someone feel important and proud” read further… “He gained the friendship of powerful politicians by massaging their egos”

Yes, it is called politicking everyone is important when it comes to winning elections, let me ask you a question would you rather leave who visited you and vote for someone who never knew you were in EXISTENCE in the first place, how much more paying a visit to you? Only witches would do otherwise.

Are the people not important stakeholders in project Nigeria? Then why would Tinubu not meet them? Tinubu knows where the pains of the people lie and it is only expedient he meets with the people regularly to factor ways they would be carried along in his coming governance.

So my Olofofo brothers and sisters wait for it oh, Tinubu is shutting down two states on a single day, your candidate that is 100% fit never fit shut down one local government council. We never see am dey waka oh, abi BOIL HOLD THEM FOR LEG???


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