Akpakomiza!! Committed to the Restoration of Edo State

Akpakomiza!! Committed to the Restoration of Edo State.

As we approach the forthcoming Edo State off cycle election, the very savvy Edo people will undoubtedly rally behind SEN MONDAY OKPEBHOLO, a man of proven integrity, fondly called “Akpakomiza” to emerge as our next Governor. With an impeccable track record, he is poised to restore Edo State’s lost glory and lead us to a brighter and a more prosperous future.

Under his leadership, Edo will attain new and enviable levels of progress with opportunities for all indigenes and residents to achieve their dreams and aspirations. With Akpakomiza, Edo people will sing a new song of hope and triumph in a secured environment where the sanctity of life is protected.

It is time to rally around a true home boy who understand our peculiarity, and shared challenges. With an emotionally intelligent democrat like Akpakomiza as our next Governor, the people will truly lead.


~ Toyin Ojei.
(APC New Media)

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