Those people concocting stories and inanities in a veiled attempt to distract us from the goal of chasing Obaseki and his godson away from Edo state via the September election, had better saddle up for their ousting. I don’t mince words about my disapproval of Godwin Obaseki; not in 2016 and 2020, and not now! Governor Obaseki is an unfriendly soul, who has planted hatred everywhere, also tried unsuccessfully albeit, to destroy Edo state. The task of rescuing the state from his grip is a resolve, and I will remain unflagging in its pursuit.


Obaseki is now akin to a plague in the state. He is most unpopular, and undesired among our people. Upon his decent from office he will seamlessly be a persona non grata across the state; even his own annointed candidate, Asue Ighodalo, has tactically withdrawn from him, as he can sense and even measure the consequences of allowing himself be associated with Godwin Obaseki in his effort to clinching Osadebe Avenue. Asue Ighodalo, Governor Obaseki and the PDP are all a gang of sinuous fawns, as five fingers of a leprous hand, which has destroyed our common homogeneity and patrimony. The September 21st election will undoubtedly be a referendum against PDP, Obaseki, and Asue; they have collectively undermined our ancestry. I will support and vote for Senator Monday Okpebholo, the APC candidate, who has an overflowing of God’s annointing and grace, and goodwill with our people; a man of subliminal humility, calm, and candour; a man who is an embodiment of emotional intelligence, who has been there for his people. My fellow Edolites, you must all frown at this imported product which is being attempted to be foisted on us all by Obaseki and his gang. Reject him by the power of your vote. Vote for SENATOR MONDAY OKPEBHOLO; THE MAN WEY WE SABI, APCEEEEEEEEE, AKPAKOMISA!!!!!!.

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