The Hashtag We’ll Empty PDP Before Governorship Election: No Hope For PDP In Edo, Obaseki’s Brother Benjamin Says In Resignation Letter


The haemorrhage in the Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP continued on Thursday with Hon Benjamin Obaseki, a blood brother of Governor Godwin Obaseki, joining the exodus saying that there is no hope for the party in the state. reports that besides Obaseki, the leadership of the party in Owan West LGA aligned to the Legacy PDP also joined the exodus.


It also came to light on Thursday that a prominent youth leader, Frank Monday Jimoh and a former State Organising Secretary of the party, Chief Ehimibai Ohio have also joined in ditching the party.


The exodus was being blamed on the division in the party.


In Another Report:

PDP’s Ship Sinks Beyond Redemption as Obaseki’s Brother Dumps Party, Ighodalo in a State of Confusion

In a shocking turn of events, Hon. Benjamin Obaseki, the brother of Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki, has resigned from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), delivering a severe blow to the party’s stability and credibility. This resignation is a clear indication that even those closest to the administration have lost confidence in the PDP’s ability to govern effectively. The departure of such a high-profile figure underscores the internal turmoil and disconnect between the party leadership and its members.

In his resignation letter to the Oredo Local Government Chairman of the PDP, Benjamin Obaseki did not mince words about the crumbling state of the party. “I am convinced it is time for me to leave for my growth as the leadership of the party has lost touch with its members and hence become insensitive to my plight,” he wrote, pointing fingers at the top brass, including his own brother, the governor.

Blaming the dire state of the party and lamenting the intense infighting at the state level, he added, “It is a pity that the infighting that has engulfed the party at the state level will consume the party, and I do not intend to be consumed alongside.” Benjamin’s resignation letter paints a vivid picture of a party on the brink of self-destruction, expressing deep regret over his decision to leave the party he helped build from scratch. “It has been incredible and a pleasure to be part of the one-time big political family we built together that fostered a lot of victories,” he lamented.

This significant departure is a clear message to the populace that the PDP’s ship is sinking beyond redemption. If even the governor’s own brother is dissatisfied and disappointed, it’s a clear indication that Governor Godwin Obaseki’s administration has failed woefully. The PDP has failed the people of Edo State, delivering eight years of stagnation, poor infrastructure, and a lack of roads.

Asue Ighodalo, the PDP candidate for the upcoming Edo elections, is left in a state of confusion as the party’s internal crisis deepens. This defection should serve as a wake-up call to PDP members and the electorate alike. The people of Edo State must reject the PDP and its failed leadership.

The APC, with Senator Monday Okpebholo for Governor and Hon. Dennis Idahosa as Deputy Governor, presents a beacon of hope for the future. Their vision for a New Edo promises renewed growth, better infrastructure, and effective governance. The APC New Media Campaign Committee calls on all PDP members to reconsider their allegiance and join the APC in this mission to transform Edo State.

According to Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah, Director of the APC New Media Campaign Committee, “The resignation of Benjamin Obaseki signifies the collapse of the PDP’s credibility. The people of Edo deserve better, and the APC is ready to deliver. We urge the electorate to brace up and reject the PDP’s failed leadership. A New Edo is indeed rising, characterized by renewed hope and a collective drive towards a brighter future under the leadership of the APC.”

The tide is turning in Edo State, and the APC is poised to lead the charge towards a prosperous and dynamic future for all its citizens.

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