Edo 2024: Aguebor Sandra MFR Demonstrates Unwavering Commitment to Community Connectivity with Vehicle Donation for Okpebholo/Idahosa


…Promised discount services to all APC faithful at the Lady’s Mechanic Mobile Workshop


The deputy director of Artisans for the Edo APC governorship election campaign council, Lady Aguebor Sandra MFR, in a remarkable display of dedication to enhancing community outreach and accessibility for the campaign council of Senator Monday Okpebholo, his running mate Rt. Hon. Dennis Idahosa has generously donated a brand vehicle to support the campaign efforts. This thoughtful gesture has resonated deeply with constituents, underscoring the first lady mechanic association of Nigeria Aguebor Sandra’s unwavering commitment to bridging gaps and fostering meaningful connections across the edo region.

In a statement, Aguebor Sandra said the donated vehicle will serve as a vital resource for the campaign team, enabling them to traverse the edo region with ease, engage with constituents, listen to their concerns, and address the issues that matter most. This move is a testament to Aguebor Sandra’s resolve to build a more connected and inclusive community, where every voice is heard and every citizen has access to the resources they need to thrive.

“The donation of this vehicle signifies our unwavering commitment to building a more connected and inclusive community,” added Sandra. “We aim to reach every corner of our great state, empowering citizens and addressing the issues that matter most. We believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for all, and this donation is a tangible representation of that belief.”

This generous act has garnered widespread appreciation from supporters and constituents alike, inspiring a new wave of enthusiasm and momentum for the campaign. Aguebor Sandra’s reputation as a leader who genuinely cares about the people’s wellbeing has been reaffirmed, and her dedication to community outreach and accessibility has set a new standard for political leadership in the edo region campaign.

As the deputy director of Artisans for the Edo APC governorship election campaign council, she also promised that all spare parts will be available inside the lady mechanic Edo state Governorship campaign council entourage mobile workshop volunteers, a one stop shop for APC incoming governor and deputy governor.

Meanwhile, Sandra noted that during the campaign, all APC faithful can have a vehicle service at the Lady’s Mechanic Workshop with the following discounts parts:

1. Quick Services oil change available

Brake Pads, all cars

2. Tyres and vulcanizer patches

3. Tie Rod

4. Ball Joint

5. Stabiliser Linkage

6. Motor battery

7. Wheel Bearing

8. Battery terminals

9. ⁠Bushings

10. ⁠Hub bearings

11. ⁠Top Cylinder gasket

12. ⁠Oil filters

13. ⁠Air filter

14. ⁠Automatic shock oil

15. ⁠Lower arms and bushings

16. ⁠brake fluid

17. ⁠ATF



Ms Nancy can be reached via +2347059303401. who is the Mechanic Lead Operations for the aforementioned services.


She said her donated vehicle will be deployed across various aspects of the campaign, including:

– Voter registration drives

– Community outreach programs

– Town hall meetings and debates

– Door-to-door canvassing

By providing the necessary resources to facilitate these efforts, Aguebor Sandra MFR has demonstrated her unwavering commitment to ensuring that every APC member has an opportunity to participate in the democratic process of the edo state gubernatorial election.


Aguebor’s Media Team

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