That Unripe Mango

“That Unripe Mango”

As the 2023 general elections draws near, i call on the Legacy PDP in Edo State to refuse the temptation of allowing Obaseki have is way. Do not mislead yourselves into believing that his begging now is genuine and that anything will change after the elections. He will come for your membership cards if you allow his Candidates win. Obaseki betrays everyone who helps him.

I was PDP LGA Chairman for Etsako East LGA and resigned to contest for the Edo State House of Assembly in 2019. Thereafter, i became the Edo North campaign Coordinator for Ogbeide-Ihama 2020. He was the favourite of the party and coasting home to victory until Obaseki was humiliated by his party for his serial actions of betrayal against his Party members. My gut feelings told me that as shameless as most politicians are, Obaseki was no exception and will soon activate plan B and his natural option will be to come to the PDP. I promptly resigned my membership of the party knowing that has a seating Governor, PDP would not be able to resist the temptation of giving the party’s ticket to the ingrate and serial betrayal.

Immediately Obaseki joined the PDP, i was made a member of the 42 member State mobilisation Committee headed by Hon Mathew Iduoriyekemwen with Chief Hon Abdulkadir Giwa (Jasper) as Secretary, I promptly declined the appointment knowing the antecedents of Obaseki and his penchant for betraying those who work for him. I warned PDP not to give him ticket. I sent several messages to Chief Dan Osi Orbih and Ihama to be careful with this snake who is capable of pursuing them from their homes. I guess the thought of having a Governor in the party after so many years of being in opposition was too tempting to pass. Today, Obaseki has become that proverbial snake who has taken over their party.

Obaseki used the position the party offered him on a plater and the allocation of Edo State to remove all the Legacy PDP Candidates from the ballot even when INEC did not monitor their primaries. I understand, he is presently begging the Legacy PDP, cap in hand. Do not fall for his antics a second time. Once beaten, they say, twice shy. This is your pay back time. Pay Obaseki back in his own coin by ensuring that his Candidates lost woefully come February 25. This is the only way to teach Obaseki a lesson and take your party back.

I am that man who saw tomorrow and I’m again giving my unsolicited advice. A word, they say is enough for the wise.

Engr Abu Abdulganiyu
I approve this message.

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