See How Eshieshi Will Reposition Etsako If Elected As House Of Representative

See How Eshieshi Will Reposition Etsako If Elected As House Of Representative

If elected, Hon Godwin Eshieshi will make sure he use the skills that he developed as an ex- Local Government Chairman of Etsako East and Orientation Leader to be transparent with the people’s here at Etsako. He believe that with transparency, he will give the people the ability to share with him their true concerns and allow them the opportunity to personally flourish while they work on fixing what they believe needs to be improved.”

If Eshieshi is elected to represent Etsako Federal in Abuja, one thing he will bring to this position is brand new ideas in terms of promotion of events along with other new ideas that can help bring awareness of certain issues and events that affect the Etsako Federal constituency, its people, and surrounding communities. This can in turn be used to promote positive change among the people community and surrounding communities by fixing issues that directly affect Etsako people”

He already have unprecedented understanding Etsako and he will create an avenue for the three(3) Etsako people to connect, fraternise and proffer solutions to both individual and collective problems especially as it affects them.

“He will encourage those around him to ask questions. If they need help getting answers he will work with them to find the answers. He will work with the good of Etsako that has given him the opportunity to know where to go if a problems arises.

“He equally feel one of the biggest issues that currently faces the Etsako Federal constituency, is that many of our people within the constituency feel as if their voices and concerns are not heard nor respected.

Government is an organization whose mission is to serve, represent and advocate for the people of Etsako, and Eshieshi feel that if the people are not feeling well addressed. It is the responsibility of her representatives Government to work as a collective whole to uphold her mission.”

Etsako APC Media Team

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