Philip Shuaibu: THE NAKED DANCER IN THE MARKET PLACE.,…. Concerned Women for Good Governance


The speech of Philip Shuaibu on comrade Adams Oshomhole,the 14 house members and particularly directing his attack on the Honourable member representing Etsako East Hon Kingsley Oghenakhogie Ugabi is now a topic for debate on the social space. I can boldly say that this is a clear cry of self inflicted failure by the Deputy governor of Edo state on himself and his cohorts


Philip Shuaibu, you boast of not inaugurating Kingsley Oghenakhogie Ugabi even if he wins the Edo State House of Assembly forthcoming elections in 2023 because he refused to come for inauguration and I ask, Which of the inaugurations? Is it the inauguration of 2015 which had families and friends including members of his constituency whom he represents in attendance, to honor and celebrate the victory of their own after a keenly contested election? Or the midnight Inauguration of 2019 which was allegedly conducted in a Gestapo style, demeaning the real essence of modern day democracy like men of the underworld performing rituals in the coven where “ supposed” Honourable members were dishonored in a crude and uncivilized manner and adopted from their homes as though they were being kidnapped by” unknown gun men” popularly known as UGM with unimaginable outfits which are explicitly contrary to the rules and ethics of the house? Where members were forced to take the oath of office adorn with bathroom slippers, casual sandals, shorts, informal clothes, etc or where non of them can show a picture of their unceremonious inauguration? (Pictures don’t lie).

Why is it that Philip Shuaibu does not have answers to this concocted inauguration that has generated so much controversy and brought shame to the good people of Edo state?

Philip claims to be a comrade by his outfit emulating his former boss, our well respected Adams Oshomhole the former Governor of Edo state who rose to power from his remarkable and impressive performance in the labour movement of Nigeria. Philip has constantly failed to balance his public and private lives thereby abusing the tenets of democracy, a comrade in the morning, a tyrant at night, what a shame!

Philip Shuaibu and his paymaster Governor Godwin Obaseki will be remembered in the Annals of political history of Nigeria for denying 14 constituencies of quality representation in the Edo state house of Assembly and ripping the people off their legitimate rights and privileges accrued for over 3 years.


Your quest for power and over ambitious personal interest has overwhelmed your sense of judgment; you have suddenly forgotten that there are no projects to show and nothing to deliver to Edo people so Hon Kingsley Ugabi is now a project to commission in Okpekpe. You lack substance to defend yourself on failed policies and promises to the good people of Edo state, remember You rose to power playing on the emotions of the people with the slogan “ fighting godfatherism’ but you are now the grandfather of godfathers in Edo state.


You were elected into office under the platform of the All people’s Congress (APC )and could not manage the process and the people, You later decamped to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and still lacks the political sagacity and good judgment to manage the political space in Edo state. This is a test of your leadership qualities and it clearly shows that you are not a people’s oriented leader.
As Deputy Governor from Etsako, how did you bring your home together? What will be your future political profile? Instead, you resorted to threats, name callings, grooming and expanding your horizon of thuggery to further bully and oppress these members. Remember, power is transient, and belongs to God alone.


On Adams Oshomhole, maybe you don’t understand this, you publicize his achievements whenever you speak about him. You drove through the road he constructed to okpekpe and to the palace of the Onweowoko of Okpekpe, just as they are waiting for you to drive through the roads he constructed to Imiegba in three ibie clan, as well as South Uneme Anegbette , Ekperi clan to come and repeat yourself again not forgetting the Uzairue clan, South East Uzanu and Auchi kingdom. We are Etsako, we are Afemai people, it is unfortunate, we don’t behave like this. Again pictures don’t lie, his achievements are visible like MTN Everywhere you go
You pride yourself that you slotted the University at Iyamho into the budget, yes because as an executive governor, comrade Adams Oshomhole understands the rules of the game, he knows he has to lobby the house of Assembly members to approve great projects for the benefit of Edo state people and that was exactly what he did. Late Hon Peter Aliu, Hon Johnson Oghuma, Hon Michael Ohio- Ezomo, Hon Foly Ogedegbe , Hon Dele Oloruntoba, Rt Hon Victor Edoror, Rt. Hon Uyi Igben and others were part of that Assembly that worked with comrade Adams Oshomhole to make that possible and they were also among those who fought and whose blood spilled on the floor to sustain Comrade Adams Oshomhole in the course of the struggle. He did not Bully the house like a tyrant instead he “lobbied”. We see the Republicans and Democrats struggling to take over the parliament, competing to have the highest numbers, this is because the Western world understands what it means to have the majority, they are aware of the power of lobby and influence, and they know that numbers play a key role in politics, so you only delivered on your job responsibility as a member of the house Mr Deputy Governor.

Your tenure is a show of shame, Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma and College of Education Igueben in Esan land are in a sorry state. College of Agriculture Agenebode and the other institution in Afuze Owan are presently shut down.
Edo people are asking, the masses have come to ask you, the day of reckoning is here, judgment day is at your door step, Time to campaign with your projects. Let your campaign be issues based and not driven by sentiments, adopt the Governor Nyesom Wike’s style of campaigning with excellent and visible projects. (As e Dey pain them, e Dey sweet us).

You have danced naked on the streets of Etsako, you betrayed a man you claim to be your political father and your “supposed” political sons. You lack integrity and substance. I can only conclude that you have done well once more by buttressing the fact that Hon Kingsley Oghenakhogie Ugabi is a man to beat.
Swearing in belongs to God!
Now the question is “who is afraid of Hon Kingsley Oghenakhogie Ugabi”?

Concerned Women for Good Governance
Edo North Senatorial District
November, 2022

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