Philip Shaibu’s Speech On Oshiomole: A voice of a Drawing Deputy Governor….. John Momoh


Philip Shaibu’s Speech: A voice of a Drawing Deputy Governor

I just stumbled on a speech made by Philip Shaibu at the palace of the king of Okpekpe.From the speech i could deduce that Philip Shaubu went to Okpekpe to receive decampies from APC to PDP.

There is freedom of association as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.

Philip Shaibu spoke glowing about himself how he helped Oshomhole into politics.Can Philip Shaibu tell the world where he was when Oshomhole was president of Nigeria labour congress? Can Philip Shaibu please answer Governor Wike a question he asked him recently. In case he has forgotten “Who is his father and where is his father”. How soon can a man forget where he is coming from? One thing he should know is, he won’t be deputy Governor forever.Power is transient.

I need Philip Shaibu to also answer the following questions.

Which road would he have driven on to okpekpe if Oshomhole had not constructed the road to okpekpe?

The primary or secondary school he received his decampees who refurbished it?Which venue would he have used if Oshomhole did not reconstruct the schools in okpekpe?

In the days of Lucky Igbenedion,it was rumored that Governor Lucky had said no construction company can fix the road to okpekpe because of the rocky nature of the area.Today Philip Shaibu can drive smoothly to okpekpe because of the good works of Adams Oshomhole.

Philip Shaibu, are you not aware that the even the road to your anointed PDP Senatorial candidate was constructed by Adams Oshomhole? With the influence of Prince Clem then commissioner of enviroment Edo State.The Igiode Uzanu road to his house was an earth road which was very moldy and slippery during raining season.The primary and secondary schools in his home town were renovated by Oshomhole government.

Philip Shaibu you and your Governor should cover your faces in shame.You talked about not betraying Oshomhole, do you know the meaning of betrayal, …disloyalty, treachery are synonyms of betrayal.Lets even not talk about physical betrayal, let’s face the reality of infrastructural developments. What does your government have on ground to campaign with. Nothing.No roads,schools are dilapidated, hospitals are nothing to write home about.What do you have on ground to show for the seven years you ve been in government.Are you not aware that your government is an MOU government with nothing to show.Is it not a shame that while your collegues are busy commissioning projects you are busy talking about how you will not swear in duly elected candidates.So you are now the owner of Nigeria and its Constitution.Am not surprised.Half baked education is a serious disease.

Let’s talked about swearing in ceremony.You told the king at opkekpe that the fourteen Honorable ran away with their “godfather ” in your heart of heart the way you and your Governor conducted the swearing in,is it the proper way of swearing in ceremony? Is swearing in a nocturnal ceremony to be held at midnight? Is it a cult ceremony that should be devoid of pump and pageantry. Can’t the Honorable invite their friends and family members to the ceremony? Is that how you were sworn in in your days as house member.

Am happy that you said constituency projects are meant to compliment state and federal government projects.

Where are your state projects that constituency projects should compliment? Can’t you see how your government has failed.The world is now on the finger tips.The king you were busy trying to convince seems to ve a full grasp of the stories. He is more knowledgeable about the issues than you.He knows everything. Am sure in your mind you know you weren’t able to convince him.If its only the road alone to okpekpe and north Ibie, the people knows who is best for them.

By John Momoh

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