MANY SIGNS AND WONDERS Of “Mr. Government” _-Why Tinubu, Oshiomhole and Anamero Deserves Our Votes._

_-Why Oshiomhole, Anamero Deserves Our Votes._

By: Anamero Media

*January 22, 2023*

The pre-elction campaign ahead of February 2023 elections have been quite interesting in Edo north. The political contest between the contending centrifugal and centripetal political forces are gradually approaching crescendo where the electorates will decide who govern them in the next four years.

According to reports, in the history of house of representatives contest, no candidate has committed much input so profoundly like Dekeri Anamero of the APC has done. Those familiar with the philanthropist agreed that in business and political life, “Mr. Government”, as he is popularly called by his admirers does whatever he believes in with utmost vigour and rapt seriousness.

As the election gathers momentum, “Mr. Government” does not only campaign for himself alone. He campaign for Asiwaju Tinubu for President; Oshiomhole for Senate; Himself for House of Representatives and all the four state House of Assembly candidates under his constituency – Hon. Kingsley Ugabi, Comrade Gani Akokhia, Barr. Ahmed Waziri and Comrade Hussein Lecky.

In his highly popularised and famous campaign manifesto tagged: *”SHIELD Agenda 2023″,* Dekeri Anamero pointed out that he would do everything that was necessary to facilitate development when elected. This he has begun to do even before election. How best do one describes such a man with unparalleled qualities?. He is “Mr. Government”.

Charity begins at home. Not yet elected, the many signs and wonders of Anamero are already doing the campaign not only for him alone but for the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Back home in Okpella, Anamero’s humanitarian signature are widely spread in Iddo, Awoyemi, Imiegiele, Ukhomuyio, Imiekuri, Ogute and other neighboring communities.

Despite not yet elected, recently, Anamero announces that he would create 32 millionaires from the 32 political Wards across Etsako Federal constituency before swearing-in when elected next month. That said, “Mr. Government” has already set human capital developmental machinery in motion. Kudos to DANCO.

Even though not yet elected, on 20th December, 2023, Anamero Foundation sponsored 1,000 WAEC enrollment scholarships in one swoop with millions of naira. Two weeks later, another 49 students were added thereby bringing the total beneficiaries to 1,049.

In what was adjudged as pre-election scorecard at the Otaru Day Celebration in the palace of Otaru of Auchi Sacred Kingdom, the APC House of Representatives candidate Dekeri Sunday Anamero again stunned the deputy governor of Edo state, comrade Philips Shaibu, the incumbent Edo North Senator, Francis Alimikhena and the good people of Afemai when he announced that he would embark on palliative work on the dilapidated Jagbe – Agbede Road in Etsako West Local Government Area before election.

Meanwhile, it’s widely speculated that the PDP led Obaseki’s Edo is considering stopping “Mr. Government’s” quest to fix the road with the instrumentality of state apparatus which would soon be deployed against the philanthropist. In the unlikely event that Governor Obaseki stops Anamero from going ahead as planned on the excuse that Edo state government has awarded the road to contractors, what becomes the fate of Jagbe people in that axis would be better imagined.

While the news rented the public space, Anamero once again dropped another bombshell when he pronounced the installation of 500 KVA Transformer for Auchi Community along Warake road.

Aside the above, Anamero Dekeri has continued to impact on the lives of common man with his personal resources and he doesn’t take pride in doing these, rather, he insists that he would continue to give to charity and help the needing “until the son of nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody”.

One thing the Afemai people should know about “Mr. Government” is that he is a born philanthropist whose humanitarian foundation ( has been touching lives since the year 2011 (about 13 years now).

Contrary to insinuations that Anamero is doing all these because of election is entirely misleading and therefore a figment of imagination by those who alleges it.. Anamero is one person whom philanthropy runs through his vein. What can be more magnanimous than *”I will work for you even up to my salary when elected”.* Only the likes of Anamero of this world could do that.

With Oshiomhole and Anamero’s involvement in the February 2023 race, some argued that it is not business as usual.

But one area of unanimity of opinions amongst pundits is the fact that *Oshiomhole is the lion of Edo State politics while Anamero is a capacitated bulldozer material who deserve the votes of every Etsako irrespective of parties because of what they jointly represent in their uniquely adorned values considering the development they would bring for the people when elected.*

For emphasis, “Mr. Government” (Anamero) is an employer of labour, a philanthropist, a humanitarian ambassador, a community builder, a trailblazer who has distinguished himself in all ramifications. Thanks to his benefactor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

Anamero has redefined and modernized the politics of Etsako. He matches his words with action. “I know a leader who is compassionate. A leader that has listening ears. When he promises, he fulfils. God in his infinite mercy has shown him mercy. He has done much for the people by himself and he is replicating this good gesture to others.

Anamero Dekeri is a perfect complement to Adams Oshiomhole in the National Assembly. Let’s give them our votes to represent us in government come May 29th, 2023.

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