Knowledge Economy: The Catalyst For Modern Edo State Development Through Dennis Idahosa —Haruna Braimoh


A human Capacity development brainy quote said; “All that is Valuable in human Society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the Individual”


The leadership call to servitude and rescue by the Edo People at the moment is beyond any form of Political Shinenigans from Politicians but a call that touched on the economic fundamentals of Edo state and how to translate leadership into action for the overall human capital, social capital and economic development of Edo State.


The 6th Most economically viable state in Nigeria is today experiencing poor infrastructural development, 25.1% unemployment amongst the 70% Youthful Population, rural economies have eroded and reduced us back in status to the inglorious days when we were called “CIVIL SERVANTS STATE”


A State with a GDP $10.7b is unfortunately have a GDP per Capital of a meager $2, 393 and can only boast of 2% Economic growth annually!! It’s truly an Irony to see the makers of beautiful mortal Pounding Yams with broken Pestles. The tide and sad situation is part of the Germain interest of Hon Dennis Idahosa in the “RESCUE PROJECT” For a better Edo state starting from 2024!!


The Biggest approach from Hon Dennis Idahosa is to tame the issue with huge investment in the new world Economic order of KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY.


The knowledge economy is a system of consumption and production that is based on intellectual capital. In particular, it refers to the ability to capitalize on scientific discoveries and applied research. The knowledge economy represents a large share of the activity in most highly developed economies. This approach shall drive the human Capital base aspect of the state economy to three main economy classification of:


2. Creativity and


knowledge economy.


Edo State needs a 21st century leadership with ideas to drive newness into the urgency of development the state is Yearning for at the moment.

Modern States economies are becoming’learning economies’ in which knowledge is the crucial resource and learning is the most important process. Different kinds of learning and economically relevant types of knowledge can likewise be identified. As a state with one of the highest level of basic literacy rate in Nigeria, Edo state needs a Leadership of the Hon Dennis Idahosa kind to stratify programs in economic policy that drives knowledge sharing from the point of ideas to innovation, creativity and how it can be translated into technological evolution/development for the State. The ‘learning economy’ is a mixed economy in a fundamental sense.


Imagine having a leadership that would become the Intersection between Knowledge Economy (With 70% of the youthful Population driving tech based innovation for the state economy) and the Luggage Economy were the rich mineral resources of the state are endowed!! Imagine having a Youthful Political leader in Hon Dennis Idahosa to breath Life into dreams and bring development to reality once more in Edo state.


Let’s Rally Around the Most formidable Strategy with the Rescue Template of Edo state. Let’s Build collectively around one of the most Politically viable and Marketable Aspirant with the leadership Intuition to rescue and deliver the Edi of our dreams for us all!!


Let s the Progressives speaks with a unified voice and stand on the Mandate to Nominate Hon Dennis Idahosa as APC candidate for the Edo 2024 Gubernatorial election.


APC is the winning Party

Hon Dennis Idahosa is the Winning Strategy.

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