For an inclusive government, support, nominate and vote for Dennis Idahosa


RT. Hon.Dennis Idahosa stands out not just as a political figure but as an embodiment of the Edo homeboy spirit. His commitment to fostering an inclusive government reflects his deep-rooted understanding of the diversity of people that make up Edo’s populace.

At the core of Dennis Idahosa philosophical school of taught is the unwavering belief that every Edo resident should feel a profound sense of belonging. This conviction is not merely a campaign slogan but a genuine commitment to creating policies and initiatives that cater to the varied needs of the people. Being an Edo homeboy from Ovia South West is not just an appellation; it is a lived experience. Born, raised, educated, and permanently residing in Edo State, he breathes the same air as the people he aspires to lead. This intimate connection with the community positions him uniquely to address their concerns and aspirations.

The significance of having a homeboy like Dennis Idahosa at the helm of affairs cannot be overstated. It goes beyond the rhetoric of political campaigns; it delves into shared history, shared challenges, and a shared vision for a better Edo. He is not an outsider looking in but an insider, intricately woven into Edo’s cultural, social, and economic landscape, especially in an era where the clamour for inclusive governance reverberates across political arenas. Dennis Idahosa’s emphasis on this principle is not a political ploy but a reflection of his genuine commitment to the welfare of every Edo resident.

His vision for an inclusive government is not just about bringing people to the table; it’s about ensuring that each voice is heard, valued, and contributes to the collective progress of the state. As the Edo homeboy seeks to ascend to the position of governor, he carries with him the hopes and aspirations of a people who see in him not just an aspirant but a fellow traveller on the journey of building a better Edo. The significance of having a governor who doesn’t just understand but intimately feels the pulse of the state is immeasurable.

In supporting RT.Hon.Dennis Idahosa, Edo people don’t just have an aspirant; they have a homeboy ready to transform shared dreams into tangible realities, fostering an inclusive government where every Edo resident is an integral part of the journey forward.


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