Kingsley Ugabi Congratulates Oshiomhole At 71

Kingsley Ugabi Congratulates Oshiomhole At 71

The Edo State House of Assembly Member-Elect, Etsako East Constituency Honourable Kingsley Oghenakhogie Ugabi Celebrates Oshiomhole’s Birthday.

He said:

Happy birthday your Excellency Sir, Our leader and our story.
You are a great man,
We draw so much strength from you,
You have been a source of inspiration, knowledge and wisdom to me and to many of us.
With you, we leant courage, intelligence and boldness.
You are a Story for us Comrade! (our Agbuzoo- Ane), we will continue to celebrate you, tell your story, keep your write up, quote you, refer to your video, talk about you and always pray for you ; During birthdays, Anniversaries, end of year, Politically, Religiously everytime, everyday until the end of time.
May God continue to keep in good health and wellness. Happy birthday Senator Elect Comrade Adams Aliyu Eric Awelegboye Oshomhole.

Hon Kingsley Oghenakhogie Ugabi

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