How Hon Godwin Eshieshi And Comrade Adams Oshiomole Developed 3 Ibie Communities And Changed Our Lives

*How Hon Godwin Eshieshi And Comrade Adams Oshiomole Developed 3 Ibie Communities And Changed Our Lives*

As water is essential for plants’ growth and development, so is electricity and others such as portable water and good roads to man’s wellbeing and growth of a community.

Until Eshieshi’s intervention, same nightmare of many rural communities without electricity in Nigeria today, was the typical condition and experience of our 3 Ibie Communities Itsukwi, Imiakebu and Imiegba, till the year 2002. The black haze which beclouded our daytime was darker than the nights as we practically lived in darkness as a blind man lives in the night even in the day. It was in short, as though we were still in the stone age.

This ugly state of our communities prompted a delegation of leaders of the 3 Ibie Communities headed by the late Royal Highness, Chief JB Momoh alongside Alhaji Musa Sule and others to Hon Godwin Eshieshi as then chairman, Etsako East LGA to urge him to rescue the communities from perpetual darkness. That delegation eventually met with the chairman and in that meeting, they lamented the total darkness we were in since we settled in these locations many years ago. They lamented further that successive governments to whom our votes were given in most elections never heeded our cry for help. As succour to this plight, Eshieshi told us that his priority was to electrify all parts of the local government area. Noting that he had already executed and commissioned Ogute/Imiagbese electricity project in Okpella within 90days and Ogriga in Okpella was also earmarked for electrification and the work had began at the time in view. He reiterated that his next task was to provide electricity for the 3 Ibie Communities.
Being true to his promise, work on the project started early 2001 with contract awarded and procurement of necessary equipment for the project started. To the glory of God, after test run, the electricity project was commissioned early 2002 with our people trooping out to give a breathtaking welcome and accolades to Him (Eshieshi) and his august visitors that included the then chairman of Okene local government area, late Engr Khan and some other local government Chairmen from Edo State. With the commissioning, our 3 Ibie Communities were catapulted into the global world space in that, various economic/commercial activities started gathering momentum. For the first time we could watch TV stations, drink refrigerated water and drinks. Salons and welding services are now accessible to all but hitherto could only be gotten at Auchi or Jattu in Etsako West. His intervention did not only chase our dark ages away, it also brought economic fortune to us.

Eshieshi changed our Communities for good and so, we owe him a lot of gratitude and by God’s grace it is payback time.

Another political personage we can not fail to remember in the history of our communities’ positive transmogrification is the Fmr governor of Edo State, Comr Adams Oshiomole aka Oshio Baba. He is also a great agent of positive change. Till today, wherever Oshiomole goes, the 3 Ibie Communities go.

Oshiomole promised us during his campaign that if he wins the election, one of his priorities would be to construct the 3 Ibie roads. On assumption of office as governor, we sent a delegation led by the late Royal Highness JB Momoh, Ps Okpo of blessed memory, Engr Momoh, Prof Omogbai, Mike Itemuagbo and a host of others to him for just a reminder and work started shortly after that.

The execution of such projects that run into billions of naira in our communities was only a mirage to us prior to Oshiomole’s administration, but Oshiomole wowed us by living up to his promise to us.

These roads have in no little way, ameliorated our sufferings by rejuvenating economic activities such as easy movement of agricultural produce to cities since we are predominantly farmers, improvement of security and has also given the communities other future investment potentials. And most importantly, our community is now a centre of tourism as people from various nations of the world troop in annually either as spectators or participants in the annual international Okpekpe road race. This no doubt, is of great economic advantage to us.

We owe him much of our gratitude and we are willing to pay him back with our overwhelming support anytime. As for his senatorial bid, by the grace of God he has won already.

And to Hon Godwin Eshieshi, if given the ticket to Federal House Of Representatives, consider our votes all yours. You are a man to reckon with. We boldly call you “project doctor” not only on the ground of what you did for us but what you also did for other places in our local government area, Etsako East. It is our earnest prayer that God rewards you abundantly for your good use of office then, but we will first reward you with our votes whenever the need arises.

Long live the project doctors
Long live the entire Etsako
Long live Edo State
Long live Nigeria.





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