Apostle Emma Welcomes Followers To New Month Of April, Releases Fresh Prophecies

You are welcome to the 4th month of the Month of April, 2022

The month of “SUPERNATURAL ABUNDANCES “{Ps23:1-6}.

Abundance could be an increase of a specific need, but SUPERNATURAL ABUNDANCES is an unlimited increase that is increase that is beyond the limit of human perception, increase  that attracts double honour.

SUPERNATURAL ABUNDANCES introduces a Man into a new level of operation; After you have suffered for a while, the Lord of all grace, who has called you into his eternal glory, shall make you perfect, strengthen, establish and settle you 1Pet5:10}, Because, the suffering in this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us Rom8:18}

For the earnest expectations of men, awaiteth the manifestation of the sons of God..8:18}.
Even though, you walk through the realm of Death, God is with you to restore, protect and direct your ways unto righteousness..Ps23:3-4}.

Surely, goodness and mercy shall locate you,all the days of your life. Why because, oil of gladness has being released unto thee,and thy Cup shall Overflow..Ps23:5-6}.

◇I pray for you, God of ABUNDANCES grace shall settle you this season IJN.

◇I Pray for you,God of sufficient supply  shall make this month ease for you IJN

◇I decree upon you as a PROPHET of God,you shall dance a good dance of celebration IJN.

◇In this month of April,angels of goodnews shall visit you before 17th of this month IJN.

◇Whoever that has being blocking your blessings, God of vengeance shall reward them with stroke, until they confess and die a painful death IJN.

◇I pray for you as a PROPHET of God,whoever that is using an evil mirror to monitor your destiny,shall die between now till 17th of this month iJN

Many shall say,congratulations. God bless you!!
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