Happy Birthday To French Man Garuba Kanabe


Garuba’s patriotic and unrelenting service to his family, community cannot be overemphasized as he is a WORTHY YOUTH and a brother to the core with great vision and aspirations.

As a patriot young man and a leader to many, Obason have contributed so much to the advancement of his folks and nurtured many individuals to greatness.

The Edo born Garuba exemplified a strong fidelity to responsible humanitarian service, taking on the retrogressive inclination of others to restore happiness.

“In the past years of his life of outstanding accomplishments and great personal fulfillment, he have not only served the people family but has also donated himself for selfless service and also create mutual understanding between rural areas.

Obason have inspired many to become great young youths like him in a polity both within and outside the shores.

I joined the Kanabe’s family worldwide, friends, business associates and well-wishers to thank Almighty God for his life.

It’s our earnest prayer to God that, he will continue to bless you with robust health and imbue you with “His continued guidance, protection, and enduring provision, Lucky added.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to lead and protect him both now and forever, Amen

Best wishes!!
Ukwe one time great midfielder!!!

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