2023 Edo North Senatorial District: Oshiomhole Remains The Only Politician To Rescue APC

2023 Edo North Senatorial District: Oshiomhole Remains The Only Politician To Rescue APC

A political Group in Edo State within the All Progressive Congress (APC), called Voice of the Masses has asked the former governor of Edo State Comr. Adams Aliu Oshomhole to contest for the 2023 Senatorial seat in Edo-north.

In a statement on Tuesday, in Edo, the group stressed that, Oshomhole’s “ credentials qualifies him to contest even for presidency come to talk of Edo North senatorial seat, but because of the cry of the Masses he should come to our rescue.

The group asked Oshomhole to ignore “discordant tunes” from some quarters of those seeking for third team Agenda which as never work and will never work in Edo-north and get ready to contest for the senatorial seat.

They also asked the leadership, members and lover of the party to openly join the calling and rally support for the party formal National Chairman to officially declares interest in the 2023 race.

“Oshomhole is a qualified Nigerian who has the legal right to contest for the senate or any other position he desires. He has been instrumental to the success of democracy in Nigeria since 2000” they said.

“He has also contributed immensely to the growth of this party and the country at lager. He maintain his membership of the opposition party from 2000, until the ruling party was defeated in 2015.

“We are calling on him to contest in 2023 because we know that he has the capacity to win convincingly and to reduce the vote expected to come from Edo south and Edo Central ” we in Edo North we are not just looking at the winning the Edo-North Senatorial seat but defeating PDP in Edo State and if this must happen Comr. Adam Oshiomole most be the candidate. Only Comr. Adam Oshiomole can give us 90% of the vote of the forthcoming election in Edo-North come 2023 .

Although Oshomhole has not declared that he will be running for senate but we are calling Him to come and rescue Edo State APC because his name and the fear of Oshiomole will give us winning in other Senatorial seat in Edo South and Central even as he contest in Edo-North. This is the time to pay you back for all you have done for our dear state.

The people of Owan and Akokoedo have agreed to give the chance if it is Oshiobaba.

“On this noted we are calling on Comr. Adams Aliu Oshiomole come and rescue Edo State again we pray you”

Edo-north APC Media team

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