Happy Birthday Madam Helena “Boss Lady” – Agbukor

Happy Birthday Madam Helena “Boss Lady” – Agbukor

It is truism that, every successful man there is a woman. Permit me to introduce you to the chief celebrant of today, Mrs. Ekpetika Akiotu Helena

This is whom Benjamin Igbadumhe sang that beautiful song for. That, Helena is as beautiful as morning star.

There are some persons created by God that you may wonder how God created them, because you may never have seen them. I know many of us have not heard of this noble woman not to talk of seeing her.

Helena is so beautiful in heart and outside her body. A quintessential woman, humanitarian being, the resembler of our blessed virgin Mary, a cheerful giver who never stops her husband from helping the less privilege. We are proud of you Mrs. Ekpeson and the beautiful and handsome children God has blessed you with.

Congratulations on your new age as you embarked on another 365days of the calendar year…Age gracefully ma

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