GODWIN OBASEKI and Edo State Government Cabals as “ENEMIES OF THE MASSES”. Advice to reject PDP at all Level. ~~ By Comrd. Muh’d A.Tenimu (GCNS)

GODWIN OBASEKI and Edo State Government Cabals as “ENEMIES OF THE MASSES”. Advice to reject PDP at all Level.

~~ By Comrd. Muh’d A.Tenimu (GCNS)
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“When Edo state (Heartbeat of the Nation) sneezes, the Nation shake”

There is no way societies can reach the peak of developments when the state Governor and his cabals are working day and night to downcast such transformations, they are tagged as ‘Masses Enemies’. Most of them are working ascidously just for egocentric wishes and to fatten their pockets, they totally lacked human feelings or remorse on the conditions which the general public might go through.

A person that has such attitude deserves to live in an isolated island because development become possible when people cooperate toward the benefit of all. Such individual therefore should be chased away if progressive goals are to be realdified, they usually embrace all sorts of heinous activities such as armed robbery, kidnapping, items snatching and lost of souls and other precious community properties.

The ‘Masses Enemy’ comprises of bad politicians that sponsor idle youths to be wrecking havoc, causing unrest, inflicting injuries and eliminating anyone that will impede their political success. They are enemies of the masses as their wards are abroad studying in best institutions while leaving youths at home to rust in abject poverty and unemployment.

Furthermore, the public should be wary of their moves, words and actions as all are centred on selfish interest, enjoying funds meant for developmental projects with their families. The enemies are gradually getting standing grounds in the heart of students, they pay scholarships when elections come, they distance their presence from voters for four years. In short, parents, students, community leaders, religious leaders and all stakeholders in societies have different roles to play in the fight against ‘Masses Enemies’, responsibilities of the afore-mentioned should be executed with diligently. This will surely save the masses from the handiwork of their enemies for the decades of developments and peace to reign.

God Forbid selfish, self centered politicians like Obaseki & his cabals for Edo state to be great again!

_(Co Founder & Etsako Central LGA Secretary General of Etsako Solidarity Movement 4 Anamero Danco)_

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