Edo North APC: An Organized House

Edo North APC: An Organized House.

Comparing the APC to PDP in Edo North Senatorial District is like comparing apples to oranges. While APC is well organized and poised to win all the elections in the district, PDP is in its final lap of self-implosion and destruction.The party invokes in mind the ancient Trojan story – now, it is in complete shambles.

At least the deaf and dump could recall the carnival-like atmosphere laced with purpose when the APC senatorial candidate, Comrade Oshiomhole, flagged off his campaign. Same cannot be said of the divided twin candidates of PDP that have not been able to discern their positions since they await the Supreme Court ruling on their candidacies. This is an evidence that PDP hasn’t been able to organize itself when the election is barely two months away.
All the APC candidates in Edo North; from the Senate to House of Assembly have massive support of the electorates. While the APC have been campaigning and harvesting supporters from communities to communities, the PDP is neck-deep in an unending imbrioglio. In fact, over 70% of their members are now members of the Labour Party or APC. Their case is a very difficult and unscalable one going to this election.
The Edo North citizens can easily relate with the candidates of APC; most of the infrastructural developments that were executed by Comrade Oshiomhole while he was the executive governor of the state. And in recent times, the APC representatives at the House of Representatives have been doing so much in terms of Constituency Projects. In Akoko-Edo, there is no single village without the footprint of Hon. Peter Akpatason. In Owan, you can’t talk about development without mentioning Hon. Prof. Julius Ihonvbere. These are pragmatic leaders who are preoccupied with Politics of Development and not that of stomach infrastructure.. Of course you expect the people to pay them back with their reelections to continue the good works.

All the LGAs that make up Edo North Senatorial District are fully with APC. PDP is in deep coma, with its never-ending court cases. By the time the party is able to revive itself, if it will ever do, the February election would have been won and lost.

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