Edo 2024: Why Adetutu Owolabi Should Be Mandated By Edo North To Represent Them



EDO —Let’s focus on the solution on the future. And as such, we must abreast ourselves with the truth. We know those who have actually worked tirelessly to see APC party succeed not only in edo state but in the entire country at large.


There’s no way you can be a proud Edo without, first of all, being proud of your heritage, of where you’re coming from. Dr. Adetutu Owolabi is a politician with deep political insight and tested in integrity.


She has never advocated for personal gain rather than to represent the good people of edo state at the National level, state, and Constituency. She has distinguished herself amongst equal and proven capabilities notable during the 2019 edo state gubernatorial election. And she has never lost to an opposition.


Women inclusiveness in politics is a welcome development, and we urge APC as a party to take the lead in this angle. It’s time to recognise our women who have worked tirelessly for the past years and are still working and loyal to the party.

Dr. Adetutu Owolabi should be mandated to lead come 2024.




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