Edo 2024: Like Dennis Idahosa, Like Bola Tinubu Of Nigeria As Idahosa’s Allies Vows To Back Him To Osadebe Avenue 


It’s pertinent for us to know that, Rt. Hon. Dennis Idahosa is not a puny politician but a grassroot politician whose mutual understanding has transverse across the 192 political wards in edo state. Its important for us to know also that there is Dennis Idahosa in every Political Wards in Edo State and i am one them, like Idahosa like Tinubu of Nigeria President. He’s widely accepted as He’s known for Youth Empowerment, developmental strives and a modern revolutionist who in recent time turned Ovia Federal Constituency to mini city with his infrastructural development


I can tell you for free that Dennis Idahosa is more on grand in Edo-north than any other senatorial district in Edo state but this as become an argument among friends in Edo-central and Edo-south saying Dennis have more Friend’s in Edo-South and Edo-Central than Edo-North. In all of this arguments onething is common that is Dennis Idahosa popularity cut across the 192 Political Wards in Edo state.


Testimonies by the good people of Ovia Constituency can give only a glimpse of the enduring relationship that Dennis Idahosa has built with the edo south and its people over the years. The relationship had been an organic one built on the spirit and pillars of friendship, empathy and togetherness devoid of the political quid. It is therefore a little wonder that the man is so widely accepted by the people on the other side of the state. This is visible from the wild reception his campaign train received in key areas in Edo south during presidential campaign for Tinubu, Valentine and of course himself.


Honourable Dennis Idahosa Aka Denco will make a good listener and his political steering leadership qualities cannot be overemphasized. we will deliver Dennis to Osadebe Avenue come 2024 Governorship Election


He has demonstrated capacity and a unique leadership attributes needed to redirect the future Edo to an enviable height. He’s the needed ideological tool for development of Edo state.



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