Edo 2024: What Dennis Idahosa Would Do If Elected As The Next Governor Of Edo State



EDO—One of the intriguing things about good politicians is that they don’t just want to serve their country and communities, they also know how to check their egos at the door and act with apparent humility — even when, as is often the case, their egos are quite healthy. And this is exactly who Dennis Idahosa Aka Denco is.


He’s optimistic to serve the good people of edolites because edo yearn for unity, progress harmony and prosperity.

Dennis Idahosa represents: integrity, adventurous mind, courageous, forthright and honest. No politician combines all these traits. But it can’t hurt to keep the ideal in front of us and know what the politicians we elect should strive to be.


We all know that investing in Nigeria is a great opportunity for both budding entrepreneurs and established people in business alike. Considered as one of the “Next Eleven” (countries that have been acknowledged as having the potential to be the world’s largest economy) by Goldman Sachs, the population of Nigeria is growing at a steady rate of 3% per annum. Looking at the tremendous growth potential, the government of Nigeria has announced various incentives for foreign investors. One such step taken by the government is the establishment of the free trade zone in Nigeria.


Dennis Idahosa as the people’s choice and a man with vision and mission that he is, this is one of the things he would strive to achieve as the next executive governor of Edo state come 2024.

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