EDO 2024: See Some of Dennis Idahosa’s Scorecard That Beats Other Aspirants On Educational Interventions 


Despite what the country was going through, Rt. Hon. Dennis Idahosa Aka Denco never give settled on excuses. He continued his good works in Ovia Federal Constituency. These are just some of his educational interventions:


1. Construction of Obanosa Primary School Iyekeze, Iguoshodin, Ovia North East

2. Construction of a block of six classrooms, Secondary, Headmasters Office and toilet, Evbonogbon, Ugbogue, Ovia South West

3. Reconstruction of Ekosodin Secondary School Ekosodin, Oluku,Ovia North East

4. Construction of Agbado Primary School Agbado, Siluko, Ovia South West

5. Construction of Primary school, headmasters’ office, Olaya, Okada West, Ovia Nort East

6. Renovation of Ugbo Primary school, Ugbo, Nikorogha, Ovia South West

7. Construction of Six classroom, headmasters’ office in Ezuwarha Primary school, Iyowa , Adolor, Ovia North East

8. Construction of Primary school, Igu-Iyase, Ora, Ovia South West

9. Construction of Okoro II Primary school, Okoro, IGBZ West, Ovia North East

10. Construction of Primary School Albafa, Okada East, Ovia North East

11. Construction of Elawure Secondary School Usen, Usen, Ovia South West

12. Fencing of Ikakaderhan Primary School, Okada, Okada West, Ovia North East

13. Construction of Egboha Primary School Egboha, Okada East, Ovia North East

14. Construction of 1 block of 2 classrooms in Oluku Secondary School Oluku, Oluku, Ovia North East

15. Construction of 1 block of 3 classroom in Ikoro secondary school (2022 budget) Ikoro, Oghede, Ovia North East

16. Construction of Idunmwenhigie primary school, Idunmwenigie, Uhiere, Ovia North East

17. Supply of Instructional materials in schools in Azuwara Primary School, Iyowa, Adolor, Ovia North East

18. Construction of Egbaen primary school, Iwu, Ofunmwengbe, Ovia North East

19. Procurement of 1000 Instructional materials (school desk) for schools in Ovia Federal Constituency Across schools in some communities, Ovia North East and South West LGA, Ovia Federal Constituency

20. Construction of Ovah primary school, Ovah, Utoka, Ovia North East

21. Construction of 1 block of 3 classrooms in Ovia Federal Constituency, Safarogbo, Siluko, Ovia South West

22. Construction of a 1 Block of 3 classrooms in Oluku, Oluku, Ovia North East

23. Construction of a 1 Block of 3 classrooms in Oriaki Primary school Igue-Oriaki, Ora, Ovia South West

24. Construction of a Block of 6 classrooms in Nifor Secondary School, Nifor, Isiuwa, Ovia North East

25. Distribution of chairs, desks, and books to pupils of Eweka primary school, Obagie, Iguoshodin, Ovia North East

26. Payment of Tuition fees for 50 students of the University of Benin and Usen Polytechnic (2020) UNIBEN

The campaign is simple and straightforward. Dennis IDAHOSA’s track records speaks volumes.

Edo, let’s go for liberation starting from Dennis Osadebe Avenue, ọghẹ’Ẹdo hia ọ’na khin




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