By Kassim Afegbua.

He loudly told Edo people that he abhors godfatherism and frowned at any attempt by anyone to input that he was a godfather. He blackmailed political leaders in the state that the reason they were against his politics of egocentricity was on account of his stance against godfatherism. He whipped up sentiments and led Edo people on the wrong narrative that some leaders wanted him to be sharing Edo money. Today, Governor Obaseki has easily shown his hypocritical persona by pushing his agenda to install a successor; a clear third term project that would further help him consolidate his acquisition of major investments in Edo state.

Governor Obaseki who was up in arms against his supposed godfathers is today the main character in the invidious plot to install his godson in continuation of his third term project. Asue Ighodalo has never voted in Edo state. He was never known to have registered as a voter in Edo state. He joined the list of Edo voters barely two weeks ago when INEC opened the opportunity for Continuous Voters’ Registration. It has become a tradition for Lagos based business buccaneers to unleash their venom on Edo state in continuation of their occupation of Edo’s collective patrimony. When their businesses fail, they fall back on Edo state to recoup their losses. Godwin Obaseki’s Afri-Invest, a stock brokerage company was insolvent prior to 2008/2009 when Comrade Adams Oshiomhole assumed the mantle of leadership. It remained so till 2016, hemorrhaging on life support, until Godwin Obaseki assumed the leadership of the state.

Go and check out Afri-Invest today, a rather dead company with tangled relationship with Security and Exchange Commission, SEC- bouncing back and even going ahead to own a bank, GLOBUS BANK, as a subsidiary. That is how much Godwin Obaseki has dealt with Edo’s money. He has gone to Lagos to fish out his friend and business partner, Asue Ighodalo, under whose chairmanship Nigeria Breweries lost N175b in 2023 alone, failed business associate, who wants to climb the rostrum of leadership in Edo in continuation of the plundering of our collective patrimony. Asue Ighodalo’s aspiration is synonymous with Governor Obaseki’s third term agenda. They have converted Edo state into a business enterprise, run like a profit and loss, public unlimited company, where Federal allocations are never applied in the most rational thought-through manner. We know those whose company were paid N1.6b for mere consultancy. They have no mercy for Edo people’s money.

Edo people must wake up and say NO to THIRD TERM AGENDA of Godwin Obaseki. A vote for Asue Ighodalo, is a vote for Obaseki’s THIRD TERM agenda. A third term that will further pauperise Edo people and create a colony of beggars across the Senatorial districts. Edo people say NO, to THIRD TERM. We say never again to Obaseki and his third term agenda. Our traditional rulers are lamenting, our youths are complaining, our women are gnashing their teeth over failed promises, burnt markets were to be fixed, but Governor Obaseki turned deaf ears, unemployment is high, our debts profile has risen to N549b, making it the third in the hierarchy of most indebted states in Nigeria. We cannot afford to reinforce failure in Edo state. We cannot afford Obaseki’s third term agenda. Never again!!!!.

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