Declaimer: Okpameri Leaders Denies Endorsing Akpatason For HoR, Rally Behind Adetutu – Olukare


Akoko-Edo born Jacob Olukare, has declared that no Okpameri leader(s) drum behind Akpatason for Akoko-Edo House of Representatives as the leaders all said they can’t trust any officer seeking for third and fourth term to be the next HoR comes 2023.

They have asked those seeking for third and fourth tenure to give ways for others to demonstrate their political experience in the next general elections especially the House of Representatives polls, he added.

While advocating for a rethink by the Akoko-Edos to their approach by those seeking for third and fourth term in office, he said, no Akoko-Edo born will feel secured in the hands of a leader whose selfish attachment deprived other Akoko-Edos their rights.

Continue speaking, he said, you can’t be a leader on sectional interest. With such unsophisticated, primitive and uncivilized thinking, no Akoko-Edo son or daughter of the soil will vote a third and fourth term seeker to represent them in the green chamber because, trust had longed lost.

Despites, Okpameri are old enough to know what is good and bad, they had no political affiliation to any political party, or candidate vying for any office in the forthcoming elections and accused the writer of the report of contravening the Okpameri’s campaigning for a failed term in governance.

On the instructions of the Okpameri leaders, the leaders firmly refutes the statement claiming Okpameri leaders’ endorsement of Akpatason.

If there must be endorsement, Lady Adetutu Owolabi should be preferred political candidate for any office in the forthcoming 2023 elections, and nothing is stopping her to be the flag-bearer of the All Progressive Congress APC candidate in Akoko-Edo constituency.

Lady Adetutu Owolabi is compete, capable and reliable to lead the good people of Akoko-Edo House of Representatives comes 2023, he said.

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