2023: Why we need OSHIOMALE IN THE SENATE COME 2023-By Iriaevho Yusuf Mohammed

Though no one can as at now predict the form this restructuring will take, one certainty is that it will start and end at the hollowed Chambers of the National Assembly. This is becuase sovereign or not, whatever conference that will be held to shape the future of our dear nation will start and end at the National Assembly. For this singular reason, it behoves any foresighted group or people to ensure that whoever they elect to represent them, especially in the Senate must first of all be a man or woman who they can trust to best defend and fight for their collective intersts.
Coming to Edo North, whoever will represent us will have his or her job well cut out before them. This is because, in the Nigerian arrangement, the South-South are a minority, in the South-Sout,  Edo State is a minority and in Edo State, Edo North is a minority. So one need not ask why the man we need at the Senate to represent Edo North must not be a pedestrian politician or legislator. What we are after are not cosmetic soap bar/ rice and beans cosmetic hand Downs in the name of empowerment has it has been in Edo North for some time with only bogus, loud screaming billboards announcing elephantine constituency projects
The man Edo North need in the Senate must be a tested and trusted political bull fighter, a man with a respected voice at the national level, a personage and reputation respected nationally. A man who is principled enough to stand his ground, only resorting to compromise on the negotiation table at a position of strength and for the interest of all.
The man who Edo North needs in 2023 must be a man with experienced and have a firm grasp of the nounces and vegaries of the Nigerian State enough to know how to stand his ground for the interest of the people. Above all, we need a man who understand and feel the yearnings and aspiration of our people for a better life, a better deal from the Nigerian State and a developed and social economic viable Edo North for our people and the coming generation. That man is Comrade Adams Oshiomhale, former President Nigerian Labour Congress, Former Governor Edo State, immidiate Past National Chairman of the Nigerian Ruling Party , The All Progressives Congress, and a man known for his empathy with the people of the Edo North Senatorial District.Revisiting Oshiomale,s impressive profile and enumerating his achievements here will require another epistle. Let it suffice to just state here that all the groups like Lovers of Oshiomale Worldwide who have been earnestly calling on Oshiomale to contest for the Senate in 2023 are foresighted Patriots and true sons and daughters who have put the collective interest of Edo North above parochial, narrow minded and self serving partisan intersts.

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