2023: Adams Oshiomhole For Senate

We have a sympathy for him, his peers envy him and bad mouth him their closets friends and foes but rather than study his politics, they wish him a disaster

Those who worship emperor puny politicians see Oshiomhole as the model of high-handedness.

What his opponents won’t admit is that even Oshiomhole’s faults would have been magnified in most other politicians if those their fancied politicians had access to and control of Edo.

Atiku bought PDP presidential ticket in one night in PH, Tambuwal chooses everybody in Sokoto PDP But Oshiomhole is their epitome of an overbearing politician.

Baby politicians in Edo State can’t sleep without dreaming about Oshiomhole. How can an entire clan reduce itself to such pettiness.

Let me say it again. Comparatively, Lagos Edo State had the fairest elections in this country since 2008. Edo campaigns are devoid of violence. Edo elections are better, freer and fairer than the elections in other states.

If Edo strategic importance is factored in then Edo elections have been, by a mile, freer than all others.

In the last two elections, despite the near absence of opposition politics prior to elections, the margin of victory had been less than 10%.

But ask some Nigerians. They will say nobody rigs elections more than Oshiomhole. I know success breeds bitterness and warts

But why do even Oshiomhole’s friends and beneficiaries wish his downfall? Perhaps he has succeeded too much already.

If those who have Governed states in this country had built political vehicles by wooing their people with small vision and a little development, the country would have been slightly better than it is.

He hires smart people. Oshiomhole is not a saint but he has always been the chosen one. One with God is majority.

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