2023: Why It Must Be Oshiomhole For Edo North Senatorial Seat

2023: Why It Must Be Oshiomhole For Edo North Senatorial Seat

Politics is not only a game of number but also of ideas, vision and mission for development and the upliftment of the lives of the electorate who have invested hugely towards winning any election. We must succinctly caution that the party must be cautious of the harsh realities that APC is an opposition party in Edo State today.

Edo North remained the only safe heaven for APC in the State due to their unfettered love for Oshobaba. This must be jealously protected not to elude us in the forthcoming elections. It becomes imperative for the party therefore to seek for an acceptable pragmatic candidate and an embodiment of gargantuan political sagacity with the dialectic force as well as the excellent bargaining strength to convince, control and agriculturally harvest massively the votes for the party in the forthcoming election. Undoubtedly, the only man with such captivating qualities is Comrade Adams Oshomole.

Frankly speaking, our interest to call on Oshomole to run for the Edo North Senate in 2023 is not based on any primordial sentiment but clearly for the interest of the party and the people of Afemai. Let me also remind us, considering the current political narratives in Nigeria, had Edo State governorship election not off calender timetable, Oshomole would be in the red chambers of the National Assembly today after his very successful governorship tenure in Edo State. So why would anyone consider it a misnormal and wrong for Oshobaba to contest for Edo North Senate 2023?

It is regrettably unfortunate and excruciating however, calling on Oshomole at this point to run for the Senate election having already excelled to the Pinnacle of his political endeavors. Looked a set back though, but we are extremely grateful to God Almighty that they only succeeded removing him as National Chairman and nothing more. It’ll be a monumental disaster to the Afemai people in particular and Edo State in general allowing Oshobaba to be politically moribund. His leadership has been amazingly prosperous to our people, hence, no support or sacrifices would too much for the people’s Comrade.

Oshomole has over the years distinguished himself considering the immeasurable achievements as the president of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Governor of Edo State and the National Chairman of APC.
He may have been very unfortunate to have suffered several ingratitude from the beneficiaries of his political benevolence ( till now), he remained a political phenomenal, a Pathfinder, an enabler and a hero, that anyone who attempt to associate his name with failure is nothing but a ludicrous wowser and misomaniac.

Now that HE Comrade Adams Oshomole has publicly declared his interest to contest for Edo North Senate in 2023, it is now our duty to close ranks and provide him with the support he may require for the success of the party in the Edo North Senatorial election 2023.

Edo-north APC media team

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