2023: Talk About Generosity, She’s A Masterclass, Adetutu We Know For Akoko-Edo HoR – Women Pledges Their Support With Voter’s Cards [PHOTOS]

A group, supporter of Adetutu Owolabi has entered the towns and villages in Akoko-Edo to preach the good deeds and generosity of Adetutu, adding that, Lady Adetutu is a grassroot politician who knows the pains of her people, she have massively helped people in her immediate constituency.

Testimonies abound as to the level of her Philanthropic disposition which she most times does at the expense of her personal comfort.

The Akoko-Edo women group have charges every Akoko-Edo born woman to rally and take the good deeds of Adetutu to the street, as she is the only fresh blood aspirant needed for Akoko-Edo Federal constituency House of Representatives comes 2023.

HON. DR. ADETUTU OWOLABI has been over the years empowering the young and old in terms of gainful ventures and other remarkable valuables in Akoko Edo.

HON. ADETUTU OWOLABI had on several occasions influenced health services to cater for the health needs of her people at Ikiran-Ile and other neighbouring communities.

In her benevolence and humanitarian gesture, HON. ADETUTU recently refurbished one of the long abandoned maternity homes, for women and children.

Consequently, over the years, the people of Ikiran-Ile and other neighbouring communities lost sight of portable water, but HON. DR. ADETUTU OWOLABI drilled boreholes for the people of her community and environs. She has also refurbished primary and secondary school classes, for conducive learning at Ikiran-Ile and environs.

In December, 2021, HON. DR ADETUTU OWOLABI fed the aged ones across the ten (10) wards in the local government with tens and thousands of bags of rice, cows and other valuable items. It was when she started this philanthropic gesture that others, even the serving legislators, emulated her!

If at her private level and as private individual, she can be this magnanimous towards the welfare of her people, what happens if she is elected into the GREEN CHAMBER come 2023? Your guess is as good as mine!

Finally, NOMINATE and VOTE HON. ADETUTU OWOLABI for equitable distribution of our collective resources , development of social infrastructures and a sane political atmosphere for all


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