2023: Oshiomhole, A Political Accent To Edo North

2023: Oshiomhole, A Political Accent To Edo North

The people’s governor as we used to call him when he was the governor of Edo State, is a political accent whose leadership styles cut across the EDO STATE in general and EDO NORTH senatorial district in particular.

He is a man who can turn a remote community to a mega city. He transformed Iyamoh to a University town, he introduced OKPEKPE road race in Edo State, Nigeria and the entire World, he constructed many roads and bridges across Edo State, this is a state were we where made to understand that it is only Federal Government that can construct roads, state government has no power to fix roads during Lucky Igbenedion’s administration, therefore if Oshiomole can provides such development to the people of Edo State, who will says no to his political ambitions?

It is unanimously agreed that Oshiomhole should runs for senate no amount of intimidation will stop him by the grace of God Almighty, continuity has no definition in democracy, those people who call themselves leaders with naive minds who beat drums for already failed Senatorial ambitions of some aspirants should better channel their energy for a profitable venture because with the endorsement going on in the Senatorial District for our dogged and indefatigable leader a person of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole will make every other aspirants and the followers jittery, the political equation of 2023 will help to retire some of the leaders politically, as some of them have already rumored around that they have no interest in active politics where as they are campaigning for a particular aspirants.

On this note we implore every leaders in Edo North to join hands with us to support and campaign for Comrade Adams Oshiomole for senate 2023, So that all of us will harvest together during the time of harvest.

Edo-north APC media Team

One thought on “2023: Oshiomhole, A Political Accent To Edo North

  1. Truly ashamed of this writer. Asset turned to accent. What kind of journalists do we have these days ? Pls stop displaying your ill education. Its disgusting you are attached to a refine leader like Oshiomhole. This is complete gutter journalism

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