2023: How Well Do You Know Adetutu Owolabi? [DETAILS]


She is an Inspiring Leader
She is a Responsible Leader
She is a Growing Leader
She is an Exemplary Leader
She is an Efficient Leader
She is a Caring Leader
She is a Communicating Leader
She is a Goal-Oriented Leader
She is a Decisive Leader
She is a Working Leader
She is a Unifying Leader
She is a Competent Leader
She is a Leader that led other Great Leader of Leaders

She is a kind of leader that doesn’t measure her success or compare herself with others, but her own goal and vision.

She is a leader that knows who she is and does not depend on others to validate her sense of self-worth.

She is a leader we need in AKOKO-EDO FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY.
She is a courageous, strategic, calculative, and magnanimous.

Let’s support and vote Lady Adetutu Owolabi for (HoR) for outstanding representation.

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