2023: Eshieshi A True Patriotic Son Of Etsako With A Laudable Scorecard

2023: Eshieshi A True Patriotic Son Of Etsako With A Laudable Scorecard

Football game is synonymous to political game and every professional Coach always carefully select players with scorecards. Player that delivers and lift the trophy in victory at the end of the tournament.

Hon. Godwin Eshieshi is a key political player with applaudable track records in the history of Edo-North, Etsako East and in the entire Federation politics. He is the Messi or Ronaldo that we can field in the potical races comes 2023 to run for the Etsako Federal House of Representatives to clinch victory for the whole Etsako.

He undergone grassroot both Local, State and Federal political training under the leadership of reputable political Pathfinders in Nigeria. The wealth of skills and knowledge he acquired. is a sure weapon to beat any opposition hands down in any contest.

It’s never a cock and bull story that this man is viable morally, financially, politically and otherwise to represent us at the Federal House of Representatives without excuses in delivery dividends of democracy to his people.

It may interest you to know that both the children, youths, men and women are drumming for the Support of Godwin Eshieshi but let me tell you that fame is not achieved by mere talk but by actions and the lives you impacted when you were once tested with a political position. He was tested and trusted with very sensitive position and he delivered the best to the people.

A leader who stoop low to serve his people always deserve more from them because he shares in their pains and feelings and that is why the entire Etsako populace are saying.

Hon. Godwin Eshieshi for Federal House of Representatives. Whom the gods have chosen no man can reject and whom God has blessed no Man can curse.

Eshieshi you are chosen by both humanity and divinity. So this is your time to arise and shine for the glory of God is risen upon you. Federal House of Representatives straight ahead.

Etsako APC Media Team

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