2023: Decamping to PDP Will not Save Sen. Francis Alimikhena from the Impending doom

It is no longer news that Senator Francis Alimikhena is romancing the Edo State ruling political party the PDP, in a bid to create an alternative option to actualize his term ambition to be re-elected as the Senator representing Edo North senatorial district for the third time. The Senator, who has become extremely satanically desperate about this ambition, has forgotten where, how he started and how his successful political career evolved. He has become a shadow of himself by chasing white elephants in the midst of lions.

We want Sen. Francis Alimikhena and his New Found Friends to remember how he (Sen. Francis) became a member of the National Assembly, even at a time he had no political capital within the senatorial district. When he returned from London with nothing.

The same man Senator Francis Alimikhena has decided betray today by forming alliance with his enemies (Obaseki/Philip Shuaibu) and the NewPDP, was the one who took him, dusted him, financed him and brought him to the Edo North political limelight.
Sen. Francis Alimikhena should flash back how he came begging Comrade Adams Oshiomole in the presence of Alhaji Sir Malik Afebua to be allowed to bear the title “Senator” for once in his life time for only four years. He swore and promised that he was not going to recontest after the first opportunity and that he will quit at the end of Comrade Adams Oshiomole’s second term.

As at then in other to affirm to this your promise to quit after four years you were ready to sign a written agreement, but Comr Adams Oshiomole did not only give you opportunity for the first four years but gave you the opportunity to be returned again for another 4 another fours thereby making it 8years instead of the 4 years you wanted initially.

*Mr Senator Sir, you know it, and we also know that you cannot win election in Edo North or anywhere in Nigeria, why are you collaborating with the enemies of Adams Oshiomole to drag him down?*

Sen. Francis Alimikhena sir, have you asked those traitors who are driving your dead third term agenda if they will decamp with you to PDP the same party where you were humiliated for over 8years before you were rescued? Have you asked Mr Chris Derisu if he is ready to decamp with you? Kindly note that if Comrade Adams Oshiomole accept to run as the party’s senatorial candidate, the few elements around you today would leave you and you would be left alone.

Your arrangement and plans to decamp to PDP is already in the public domain but we want to assure you of the pending doom that await you and your brainless followers, please kindly call Engr Abubaker Momoh to advice you.

Note and get it very clearly from today onward, that even if Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomole decide not to contest for this position, that you Francis Alimikhena is no longer an option or alternative for APC, because you have bitten the finger that fed you . When decamping from the party to PDP, kindly ensure that you leave with the remnants of Traitor Philip Shuaibu.

However, we advise you to retrace your steps back and ask Adams Oshiomole for forgiveness. Furthermore, ensure you pledge a total loyalty to All Progressive Congress (APC) and its leadership. *Do not waste your time and resources, forget about your dead third term ambition and be focused because there are many more ways you can serve the party and your people.


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