2023: Best Time For Barr. Mark Afaliokhai To Represent Etsako West Constituency ll HoA


Barr. Mark Afaliokhai is a detribalised strategic thinker, with national outlook and balanced judgment, an exceptional manager of resources, a quintessential and visionary leader, an accomplished Barrister and a seasoned administrator, a statesman in spirit and in physique, whose strides in the political landscape remain outstanding as the man the constituency needs in the next dispensation comes 2023 Edo State House of Assembly.

We have no doubt that, Barr. Mark has the capacity and the political will to institute a new concept of governance and a new agenda of sustainable development, to provide effective leadership, capable of providing solutions to the numerous challenges confronting the constituency as always.

Nominate and vote Barr. Mark Afaliokhai for Etsako West Constituency ll, Edo State

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