2023: Adetutu Owolabi For Akoko-Edo HoR


It is no longer news today that in politics, women are marginalized. Whereas, research has shown that women inclusion in politics and governance garners a host of benefits.

Akoko-Edo is one of the 18 Local Government Areas found in Edo State. Its administrative headquarters is Igarra, the people are an ethnic group of southern Nigeria, who speak okpemeri, ibira, yoruba etc.

Politically, Akoko-Edo is divided into ten (10) geo-political wards. The land comprises of fourteen clans, namely: Atte, Akoko-Edo Central, Akoko-Edo East, Akoko-Edo North, Akoko-Edo North-East, Ikpeshi/Egbigele, Enwan, Igarra-Akuku, Kakumo-Anyanran, Oke-Oloma, Okulosho, Ososo, Uneme-Central, Uneme North.

Akoko-Edo people are traditionally known to be agriculturists, trade practitioners, weavers and so much more. Akoko-Edo people are known to be friendly and accommodating to visitors and foreigners. The land boasts of the Federal Government college, Ibillo, Ososo tourist centre, Ojirami dam, Dangbala gold, Ojah shrine, Ibillo Market, Somorika-hill etc.

The major agricultural produce of the land are; Cassava, Yams, Tomatoes, Rice, Oil Palm, Maize, Melon, Cashew etc. The land also has natural resources such as Timber, Clay, Granite, Kaolin, Mining etc.

Geographically, Akoko-Edo is situated in the northern part of Edo state in the south of the Niger-Benue Confluence. Its dominant geographical and environmental features are chains of ancient ridges of rugged rocky hills and a cave, stretching across the length and breadth of the present Northern part of the state. Akoko-Edo is bounded in the North by the present Kogi state, in the north-west by the present Ondo state, in the south-east by both Etsako west and Etsako north. This invariably means that Akoko-Edo connects the South to the North. This connection ultimately brings us to the huge importance of Akoko-Edo to Edo State and Nigeria as a whole.

Hence, the slogan for Edo State which is ‘Heartbeat of the Nation’. This slogan rings truer because of how Edo State connects the North to the South. Considering that the heart is the lifeblood of the human body. It is connected to all parts of the human body and it’s importance and relevance cannot be overemphasized. Likewise Akoko-Edo which is the land of progress.

This thus means that, leadership in Akoko-Edo is of great importance not only to the people, but also to Nigeria as a whole.

Therefore Akoko-Edo needs an intelligent and sensitive leader. It needs a professional who is a lover of people, one who is experienced and forward thinking, one who can attract investors into the land and has a good network of people. These super qualities are necessary for good and sustainable leadership in Akoko-Edo.

The concern is not whether women lead better than men, the focus is that, women can lead as much as the men. However, statistics has shown that, in Akoko-Edo for example, there is a huge gender gap in its political space. This statistic indirectly shows that, there are no capable women in Akoko-Edo politics. A delusion!

Now is the time for Change!

Akoko-Edo has a host of innovative, educated, professional, exposed, intelligent, well-travelled and intellectual women who can bring about growth and sustainable development in Akoko-Edo.

Akoko-Edo; What do you think?

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