You Can’t Blindfolds Edolites Anymore, We Know How You Spent Edo Money During EDHA Election —APC Slams Obaseki

You Can’t Blindfolds Edolites Anymore, We Know How You Spent Edo Money During EDHA Election —APC Slams Obaseki

Gov. Obaseki that couldn’t conduct common Entrance Examination/Junior WAEC want to Conduct LGA Elections, Edo State APC exposes Edo Governor.

Recall that Edo State Government led by Gov. Godwin Obaseki has again postponed common entrance examinations across the state for the fourth time as well as the Junior WAEC exams.

While other states have long concluded on their common entrance examinations, Edo State is still battling with resources to conduct just common entrance exam.

Also recall, the Governor Godwin Obaseki said on may 1st (worker’s day) that the state will not be able to pay workers if the Federal Government do not print money or removed subsidy. Governor Godwin Obaseki should know that Edo people knows better and we are awere of his reckless spending during and after the general elections especially during the Edo State House of Assembly’s Election. We are very much aware how Governor Godwin Obaseki and his Government gave thirty million naira (N30,000,000) each to the Eighteen (18) unfortunate House of Assembly candidates of the the People Democratic party PDP to ring elections across the state.

Today Edo State Government cannot conduct Primary School common entrance examinations or pay workers because of the desperation of Godwin Obaseki to have majority members in Edo state house of Assembly. Again we are also aware of how you instructed the Local Government Liasure Office to pay each Candidate of the People Democratic party PDP in their various LGA Fifty Million naira (50,000,000) on the 3rd of 11th of march, 2023.

It also laughable seeing the same Government threatening Liaison officers with sack and EFCC with the poorless revenue generation ever as low as 3,000,000 in the whole state. What a shame!

Governor Godwin Obaseki where is your Educational reform?


Etsako East APC publicity Secretary

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