Why Obaseki Will Go To Prison After His Administration —APC

Governor Godwin Obaseki has not only victimised edolites and deprived them of the dividend of democracy, he has also betrayed the hands that fed him while was a street politician. We are not concerned about whatever transpired between him and his so called deputy governor Phillip Shaibu. We are actually concerned about the incessant mismanagement of funds by his administration since being the governor of Edo state for the past seven years now.

Godwin Obaseki has and his cohorts has continued to milk edolites of the dividend of democracy. Apart from the monthly allocation, security votes allowance and state welfare allowance which Obaseki cannot pinpoint where he has used any of the aforementioned funds to develop or work in edo state, the other free money like the Covid-19 palliative allowance, 13% derivative of 13bn given by the federal government and 2023 5bn palliative, Godwin Obaseki cannot account for anyone.

If at the end of Governor Obaseki administration, the EFCC hesitate to invite him, investigate all these systematic looting of our common patrimony, and make him to account for every penny he mismanaged, then the Agency would have no reason to be in existence, because the main purpose why it was instituted in 2003 has been defeated and eroded from relevance.

Obaseki will serve jail terms in this our country Nigeria any moment from now. The only achievements in his regime and what he will be remembered for is; Obaseki vs Oshiomole, Obaseki vs Edo APC, Obaseki vs Odubu, Obaseki vs Wike, Obaseki vs Dan Orbih, Obaseki vs Edo PDP, Obaseki vs AAU staff, Obaseki vs Oba of Benin, Obaseki vs Igueben college of education staff, Obaseki vs Oke-Oroma community, Obaseki vs Ugboha community, Obaseki vs His Deputy
Obaseki vs Edo state house of assembly, Obaseki vs Edo people, Obaseki vs LGA Council Election

Say No to Obaseki and his anointed governorship candidate in EDO 2024

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