Why Edolites Needs Dennis Idahosa —APC Group

Why Edolites Needs Dennis Idahosa —APC Group

A socio-culture group of the All Progressive Congress APC has rally behind Dennis Idahosa Aka Denco as the man Edo state needs in the next edo guber election come 2024. Idahosa is a courageous leader to effect drastic changes that will bring revenue and build the state.

There’s no doubt that, Dennis Idahosa has distinguished himself as a serving House of Reps member in the green chambers with numerous projects and achievements. He is that man Edo State needs to take charge of the wheel of progress.

“Edo needs him even as he need Edo and he will be wholeheartedly be glad going to the Osadebe Avenue to represent the good people of Edo State. Edo needs drastic courageous changes that will bring revenue and Idahosa is more than courageous man. He’s so ready and hunger to serve.

“He starts from a humble beginning and was raised to be courageous and this has been working for him. He will bring same to bear as the executive governor of edo state if elected come, 2024.

”Accelerated development of our state is about thinking and doing, and he is ready to do that again because he is a thinker and doer.” his records are there to speak on his behalf.

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