What Oshiomhole Would Do As Edo North Senator – Idodo Rasak

What Oshiomhole Would Do As Edo North Senator – Idodo Rasak


Edo North is endowed with several minerals which include feldspar, gypsum, granite, kaolin and limestone. A bill for an act to establish Solid Minerals Producing Areas Development Commission is under consideration at the National Assembly currently. The objective of the bill includes formulation of policies and guidelines for the development of the Mineral Producing Areas.

Worthy of note is the fact that the Senate version of the proposed bill initially excluded Edo State that produces about 10million metric tons of solid minerals annually which comes largely from Etsako Federal Constituency.

In the light of this, Edo North Senator and other members of the Nation Assembly will ensure that necessary legislation is put in place to capture Edo State and possibly, made the headquarters of the commission as undiluted figures have showed that only the two cement companies, Bua and Dangote, produce about 7million metric tons annually in Etsako Federal Constituency while other areas in Edo North could account for 3million metric tons.
I will champion this cause to ensure the passage of the bill at the National Assembly and given presidential assent.

Needless to say that, solid minerals if not exploited, are as good as nothing but when harnessed, can cause drastic economic development of the place wherein they abound and the nation at large through revenue generation.

In this era of economic downturn, it has become imperative to reduce the focus on the oil sector and begin to see the fortune in solid minerals development especially as oil prices continues to take the downward trajectory for nearly a decade now.

Interestingly, diversifying and boosting our economy through investment in Solid Minerals have become even more appealing as a bill for a law to establish a Solid Mineral Development Bank is receiving serious attention at the National Assembly. The bill seeks to boost the solid minerals’ sector and the quality of life of the people by providing financial and non-financial investment in the sector. The principal mission of the bank is to increase financial inclusion by providing access to credit finance and also serves to provide short, medium and long term financing to participating financial institutions for on-loading to small scale, medium and industrial enterprises and projects especially in mining, quarrying and ancillary industrial support services.

At the passage of this bill into law, Oshiomhole shall work assiduously to create access to these funds for our people to enable them meet the financial requirements in mining the various Solid Minerals that abound in various parts of Edo North Constituencies which have hitherto been untapped due to lack of finance.

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