What Hon Godwin Eshieshi would Do As Member, House Of Representatives (Episode 1)

*What Hon Godwin Eshieshi would Do As Member, House Of Representatives* (Episode 1)


I shall introduce a bill for a law to establish a free trade zone in Etsako Federal Constituency.
With the presence of two cement giants in Etsako Federal Constituency, I shall collaborate/synergize with them to provide enabling environment for ancillary industries to thrive.

We all know that investing in Nigeria is a great opportunity for both budding entrepreneurs and established people in business alike. Considered as one of the “Next Eleven” (countries that have been acknowledged as having the potential to be the world’s largest economy) by Goldman Sachs, the population of Nigeria is growing at a steady rate of 3% per annum. Looking at the tremendous growth potential, the government of Nigeria has announced various incentives for foreign investors. One such step taken by the government is the establishment of the free trade zone in Nigeria.

Free Zones have to do with specific areas which have a different set of rules than the rest of the country. This is where there is a give and take relationship between the government and the business that has been set up in these zones in Nigeria. If a business commences in any of the free trade zones, they are exempt from the normal laws and rules of the government which are applicable all over the country of Nigeria, especially in the field of taxes and customs duties. In return, the government anticipates that the companies in the zones will help the economic growth of the country and boost national exports.
Free zones in Nigeria are very important and rewarding areas which not only attract foreign investors but also provide employment opportunities to the native people and that is what we stand to get in Etsako Federal Constituency if this bill for law is pursued and eventually passed into law.

I, Hon Godwin Eshieshi as a man with vision and mission that I am, this is one of the things I would strive to achieve as a House of Representatives Member representing Etsako Federal Constituency. This, like we already know, can only be achieved through powerful legislations and follow up.

Please watch out for more episodes of what Eshieshi would do as Member, House of Representatives

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