The Declaration of the Edo State House of Assembly supplementary Election Worst than Adamawa State.


2023: EDHA Supplementary Election Worst Than Adamawa Results

No state in the whole federation since 1999 have recorded such a shameful and barbaric act called Supplementary elections. An election that was written in government House and voters where stranded? No state can withstand the kinds of shame Obaseki and his cohorts have brought to Edo State since taken over government in 2015.

The declaration of the Edo State House of Assembly supplementary Election is the worst record ever to the witnessed in Nigeria not even Adamawa State gubernatorial can be compare with what happened in Edo State.

In Adamawa, there was Election and everything where going smoothly but the moment the Incumbent Governor knew that, Binani of APC was winner, the Incumbent Governor, Fintiri of PDP used Incumbency power to intimidate and cause mayhem that led to crisis and abuse of power. But in Edo State, we saw and witnessed in viral videos where results were written, some results sheets tore to pieces, voters beaten and others.

We are patiently waiting for Obaseki and his cohorts in the next dispensation of Governorship election come 2024. Edolites are wiser now and he should know that, power is transient. APC defeated him from Presidency, Senate and House of Reps without producing any candidate in PDP. Come November 2024, he will see another shame.


Etsako APC publicity Secretary

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