The Call On Oshiomale To Run For Senate: Not A condemnation Of Anybody But A Call For unity

On first reading this obviously spornsord story on Vanguard Newspapers Thursday 2 March 2022, about an equally spornsored group of rubble raisers who called themselves leaders of Akoko Edo and Owan leaders in Edo North Senetorial District denouncing Comrade Adams Oshiomhale for a Senatorial ambition he has not for once came out to declare, one is tempted to just ignore these people for the noisy but substance less voice that they are.

But on second thought, some salient points of misrepresentation of facts made this rejoounder neccesarry.
Firstly, let us be clear about one fact; Oshiomale who nobody can deny is the Leader of the APC in Edo North has not come out to say he is gunning for the Senate come 2023. Rather, what we have on ground is a massive swell of calls by a large number of members across the six local governments, Owan and Akoko Edo inclusive who feel that an objective and projective calculation of what will better position Edo North in the post 2023 elections dispensation demands an Oshiomale to be in the seat to help balance the power and political equation in favour of the Senatorial District.
With all due respect to Senator Alimhiknena who himself is a product of the Oshiomale political family, it is a consensus that he has done well according to his capacity in the last two terms. But considering the matrix’s that will suface in post 2023 Nigeria, what Edo North needs is beyond his capacity and hence, it is believed by this school of thought and rightly so that it is only the political sagacity, principled but Masses oriented posture which Oshiomale has displayed in and out of politics as well as his national influence and goodwill that will best serve Edo North now if we are not to lose out when every enclave in Nigeria are striving to field their first eleven in the emerging dispensation. The call is not about Oshiomale but about what is best for us as a people at this point in time.

It is also heartwarming to note that the authors of this spornsored article gave credence to the pivotal role Oshiomale has played as a leader and harbinger of development in the Senatorial District and Edo State in general since the onset of his political Oddessey.

It is sad however when in contradiction to ther professed respect and gratitude they claim to bear Oshiomale, they barefacedly lied and turned truth on its head when they claimed that it was Senator Alimhiknena who salvaged Edo North for the APC during the 2020 Edo State Gubanatorial Elections. It was Oshiomale and nobody else that the good people of Edo North followed when they overwhelming voted for the APC. To claim that the same Oshiomale has lost his Political capital in Edo North is a figment of imagination like wishing that horses could fly.

It is also a curiosity to note that the sole reason this people could conjure up for not wanting Oshiomale is not based on principles, competence nor Oshiomale’s ability to deliver fully the devidends of democratic representation to Edo North, rather, their weak claim is that Alimhiknena is running on his last term as against Oshiomale who may stay beyond 2023/ 2027.
What they have conviniently ignored is that Senator Alimhiknena has by antecedents proven himself to by an Oliver Twist who will always ask for more. Here is a man who begged for just one term in the Senate but was graciously aided by the same Oshiomale they now want to denigrate to serve two consecutive terms and is still now asking for more. They should bear in mind that the Nigerian constitution has no limit on the terms a Senator can spend in the house. Who say Alimhiknena will not still forget something he may still want to go and do or take in the Senate in 2027?
These people should know that making a statement in the press for which nobody can asertain they had the consent of the good people of Owan and Akoko Edo make change the yruth. The good people of Owan and Akoko Edo have always seen and accepted Oshiomale to be their leader out of gratitude and in recognition of the fact that he has and will always have their best interest at heart. A bogus claim and misrepresentation of facts will not change the reality and fact remains that these same people will still support Oshiomale against any opposition in what ever Political direction or contest he decides to to take.


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