Staff and Management of Edonewsng Celebrates Adetutu Owolabi On Her Birthday 


Today if we celebrate you for being a political war horse, we will be correct, if we celebrate you for your political intuition, it will be justified, if we celebrate you for your political sagacity, we will be on point, but today the greatest basis for celebrating you is because your greatness is rooted in building people and taking them closer to their dreams and making them fulfilled souls.


On your birthday, Dr. Adetutu Owolabi deserves all the accolades and encomiums being poured on her. Here is a woman who, at the risk to her life, fought for the enthronement of democracy in Akoko-Edo and Edo State.


Stories are told of how Adetutu Owolabi provided haven and financial assistance to the vulnerable, less privileged, homeless, and shelter for the handicap. Singlehandedly built and renovated schools in Akoko-Edo.


Congratulations, ma!

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