Some Key Economic Achievements Of Kingsley Ugabi During His First Tenure As Etsako East Constituency Member EDHA



Hon Kingsley Ugabi Member Representing Etsako East Local Govt/ Member Elect, is not one to play politics of deceit. Anything he say he will do. He will do it except it becomes inexplicable.

He remember that the public has a keen interest in what he do as a public official.
He take public perception seriously because he believe that citizens always matter therefore, strive to maintain public confidence at all times.

He believes that assignment of offices is not an allocation of privileges.

His vision is of a greater Etsako East built on shared prosperity, democratic ideas, the rule of law and zero tolerance for corruption.

He believes that the most important duty of govt is to respond to the genuine needs of its citizens and strive to meet them.

He believes that govt policy should focus on enabling the people to bake their cake.
He believes that only in honest service can those who we have freely elected to serve find perfect peace.

He believes that public servants must give proper account of their stewardship to the people at all times.

Education is the heart of National Development and the source of quality human capital development that will propel Etsako East to be among the top 5 Local Govt in Edo State which is why he stood on his ground that the quality of our workforce is a direct reflection of the quality of our schooling system.

DID YOU KNOW? Ugabi administration has improved education infrastructure in Etsako East by providing a bock of 3 classroom and a headmaster’s office ongoing projects each in:
1. Weppa Secondary School Wepa
2. Ebua Primary School Iviebua
3. Ogodo Primary School Okpella.
DID YOU KNOW? Ugabi administration has undertaken first ever 9 road projects through SEEFOR and NDDC respectively:
1. Tomo Agazima street (seefor)
2. Fr. Piotin/Napa Road (seefor)
3. Umole street off mission Road (seefor)
4. Akhagbosun street off mission Road(seefor)
5. Community Bank street off mission Road still under construction (seefor)

1 Iviukwe township (NDDC)
2. Iviukwe inner Road(seefor)

1. Okhue Okugbe(seefor)

1. Iviari main town(NDDC)
These 9 projects undertaken have succeeded in making 16,000km of Etsako East Roads motorable with 14,900km in perfect condition.

It might interest us to know that, Economic wise, during the construction of these Roads, 587 persons from Etsako East were fully out of the street for 12 calendar months haven been engaged in the process.

Each of the beneficiaries monthly take home pay was #18,000. When you multiply #18,000 by 12 months by 587 person, you will find out that the total amount of money HON KINGSLEY UGABI THE SILENT ACHIEVER pulled down to Etsako East, was #126,792,000 million naira.

Hon Kingsley Ugabis’ supreme task is to give hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak and protection to the defeceless.

Hon Kingsley Ugabi is very keen to engage the energies of our youths productively. We cannot talk about re-branding the image of Etsako East if the youths are not rebranded. Gainfully employed youths cannot be used by mischievous elements for destructive purposes.

Hon Kingsley Ugabi vision for Etsako East is that in four years time, our young men and women will be productively engaged.

Long live Hon Kingsley Ugabi
Long live Etsako East
Long live Edo State
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Thank you and God Bless us all.

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