Sensitization, Engagement And Enlightenment Of Ikekato Youths In Esan Central, Edo State 


First of its kind as Comrade Kelvin Aigbokhan Isesele Bossu hosted all the youths of Ikekato Ward 4, Esan Central of Edo State irrespective of Political and religion affiliation.


All the youths leaders and youths Stakeholders in Ward 4 joined Bossu Kyoung Genoa in the event where Comrade Kelvin speaks to his people and engage them in a local way to understand the need while they must seat tight to hold their leader responsible as we are approaching general election and also engaged to youths not to be a tools that will be used and dump by politicians in the forthcoming general election.

All the youths leaders present at the event also used the medium to appreciate Comrade Kelvin Aigbokhan Isesele Bossu for the show of love that he remember all the people of Ward 4 during festive period by distributing rices, cash and oil across the community without any segremetation.


The youths of Ward 4 are collectively joined hands and quene behind the directive of Comrade Kelvin Isesele Bossu as they unanimously said he always there for them at all time.

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